Mieu is so cute, waving his tiny arms around

Objects emitting different fonic frequencies

Isonfons, which are object emitting the same fonic frequency


Oh ho ho~ *smirks*

Natalia eavesdropped on them
  • Isonfons, objects which emit the same fonic frequency, can only be created artificially via Fomicry, the science of making clones and replicas
  • Dist the Reaper is probably the only one dumb enough as Luke
  • Hyperresonance, can both destroy and recreate all matter, usually occur between two Seventh Fonists, but Luke can create it by himself
  • Van tells Luke that he has been imprisoned because Luke was considered as a weapon due to his power of hyperresonance; Van also tells Luke that he was the one who kidnapped him and by using hyperresonance, he would be able to become a hero like saving the miners of Akzeriuth and fleeing with Van to Daath (Luke is very gullible)
  • Natalia is Luke's fiancee
  • Luke is nicer in this episode than the other four
  • Luke becomes the ambassador of peace
  • Lorelei, the collective consciousness of the Seventh Fonon, is still something of theory at the moment
  • Mohs and Van both sounds a bit shady, in my opinion
So far there has been quite a lot talking about fonons and such; it can be quite confusing. So I found something off Wikipedia, which sums it up very nicely (beware of slight spoilers). There should be a lot happening next episode.