Bounen no Xamdou - Xam'd at the Dawn of War Ep 02

Ok, sorry for the long long inactive time, I was very u-hum, "busy." Anywho, Episode 2 shows Akiyuki in Xam'd form killing the big fish looking monster that shoots laser beams. He learns new things about his form as he fights, like his arm can change to a sword or a shield. After he kills the monster (the monster gets covered into this red stone all over it's body), he himself starts to get covered in the red stone when he gets stabbed by a mysterious red hair girl named Nakiami. She said that if he wanted to live then he would come with her to somewhere. Akiyuki says "I want to live" and the girl releases him from the stone. Then she carrys him up to her ship> and flies away to the main ship. Meanwhile Haru is sad that he became this monster and left the island. Later, you see two people talking. One is a scientist and the other is a general. They are, I guess, the evil characters.

The human form creatures, that's what they are called. This one is coming out of the "egg" that fell onto the ground.

Akiyuki is taking a ride on the big ugly fish thing. Wouldn't you like to take a ride?

Wouldn't you like to jump that high in the air?

He found out that his arm can turn into a sword. Oh em gee!

Oww, he's about to get stabbed on the "eye" thing on his arm so that he can maintain his human form and not turn into that red stone.

The general and scientist talking about moving their facility to Senten Island.

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Vampire Knight Guilty - 03

Episode Three: The Lapiz Lazuli Portrait

The Night Class was invited to spend their holiday at Aidou clan's house. Strangely enough, their classmate Aidou won't join and just decided to stay in the Moon Dorm. Meanwhile, Yuki still thinks about Kaname's proposal when she met Aidou sneaking towards the Sun Dorm. Yuki agreed to let him stay because he's too fast to be tied up~. Zero who's good (wowzers~) at cooking made some dishes enough for three, but Aidou just ate them all. The conversation lead to Kaname giving a special treatment on Yuki, but she states that their relationship was something 'simple' and she will be okay even Kaname betrays her in any matter. It was later revealed in this episode why Aidou likes Kaname so much. (KanamexAidou?)

I smell something fishy..

Yuki was amazed.

Zero going nuts~!

I wonder how much more can he eat.

Not a very good idea.

Sweet child~

Chibi-Aidou is surely cute~

Told you it was a very bad idea, Aidou.

  • Secrets are meant to be secret.
  • Aidou's Arc gives more of his mellow side towards Kaname.
  • The 'I hate you' thingy back then suprises me.
  • Shiki's mom and Kaname's mom does look the same.
  • Aidou doubts that Kaname's parents really did commit suicide. (count me too~)
  • Yuki donate blood again, weird because' it's via hand bite.

And our next stop.. Episode 4: The Devil's Quickening

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Vampire Knight Guilty - 02

Episode Two: The Eternal Promise

After what happened between Yuki and Zero, she's still troubled by the attempt 'kiss' thingy which makes her looks uncanny in front of her friend Yori. A lost child (a really weird looking one) came to her crying for her lost dear mother although after getting much help from Yuki, he rewarded it with a kiss on the cheek but this drains her energy causing her to faint. Luckily.. she was found by Kaname along with his classmates from night class and was brought to an old mansion which surprisingly had a gathering party for all the vampires and the noble ones. Kaname told her just to stay in the room until he's come back but this didn't stop Yuki's curiosity for much that she saw Zero guarding the ball. Kaname later asked why did she left the room but instead, he laid along Yuki's chest feeling weak. Kaname's vampire side inevitably shows, however his passionate love for Yuki remains.

"Halloween sickness?"

A faintly kiss.


*pats..* Zero looks irritated lol.

How sweet~

"A twin's curse." Scary :x

"The punishment isn't enough."

YukixKaname memories~

"Want to live with me forever?"

No more Zero?

  • I wonder who's the kid with weird eyes.
  • The Curse of the Twins looks bad. :/
  • Yuki now realize that her Kaname can choose anyone over her.
  • Kaname punishment for Yuki was romantic~
  • He mistook Yuki's tears for fear and canceled the proposal.
  • KanamexYuki forever~ *forget about zero* xD
And our next stop.. Episode 3: The Lapiz Lazuli Portrait

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Kuroshitsuji - 02

I can't help it~

Grrr...he is mine *hands off*


Can't let the pie to be wasted~

Should we eat or should we not eat?

I spy a butler in black~

Fear my plate throwing skills~

Never knew utensils can be so useful~

Ciel's contract eye

Here you go *drops it into his pocket*

Looks very comfy up there~

  • In the beginning, there is an outbreak of mice, which was later used to compare it with people like Azuro Venere of Ferro Family whom Ciel thinks are lowlifes
  • The whole episode seems to cover Azuro Venere trying to get his hands on drugs and kidnapping Ciel in order to do so
  • Sebastian is immortal and is lightning quick once Ciel orders him with using his left eye (which is covered by an eye patch); Sebastian used plates and utensils to fight
  • There is also introduction to Ran, Madame Red, Greil, and Lan Mao; some other characters were left unnamed
  • The contract Ciel had with Sebastian includes Ciel exchange his soul for Sebastian's loyalty

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Nodame Cantabile: Paris-Hen - 03

Kay, sorry for the delay. Had to attend several parties and clean my room after exams. Here's episode 3!

Nodame says she wants to improve her piano when suddenly, who comes and hugs her from behind and grope her? Milch of course!
(aka Stresemann, lol)

Meanwhile, Elise forces Chiaki to sign her contract to her agency via tickle torture.

Chiaki returns to find Nodame "kidnapped" by Stresemann and goes off after him. Nodame looks pretty with the kimono, but minus the wig :P

Ah, it fell off...
Nodame hears about them leaving for a world tour for three months, poor Nodame ='[
"Please bring me back a ring as a souvenir."
Jumps to June and Nodame still fails at cooking lol, cept rice balls.

A new character is introduced, Yunlong, from China, also a piano student. He's voiced by Yuuji in Shakugan no Shana I think, and he's homesick.

Yunlong - Itadakimas
Also, must note how i LOVE Shizuka Itou's voice as Tanya :D
Frank arrives very, very depressed, hearing that he didn't get the piano instructor he wanted. Nodame, however, ends upgetting the sensei Frank wants. Professor Auclair, and so Frank yells, "Nodame no... bakaaaaa~!"
Nodame recieves a random call from Yuko [of all ppl -.-] and hears a
bout Chiaki taking over a concert from Stresemann who falls ill. She hears about the person he worked with, Son Rui, a piano prodigy from China. Chiaki shops with Rui and he thinks of getting Nodame a ring, but considers a necklace instead.

Son Rui
September comes in and it's time for school ^^ Nodame doesn't know at all and they end up almost missing the train.

Tanya the new Chiaki?
Nodame didn't even go to the orientation xD! She's so clueless lolol. There, she feels like she's surrounded by "Chiaki-senapis" HAHAHA. She meets her instructor, Auclair, who turns out to be one of the judges from when she played in the competition in S1. He somehow gives me the chills.... his constant blushing somewhat disturbs me >___<

Charles Auclair
Anyway, he asks her to play something she likes. She ends up playing a song she heard from Rui [Transcendetal Etude no.4, Mazeppa], but Aulair brushes it off and says "Zen Zen Dame~" LOL he didn't want her to show off her skill. "What did you come here for?" he asks.

Meanwhile, Chiaki bids Rui farewell [I don't like her mother], and he even admits that if Nodame had recieved the right nurturing, she would've turned out like Rui :D The question from Aulciar leave Nodame in shock as she doesn't know how to reply.

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Vampire Knight Guilty - 01

Episode One: Sinners of Fate

Season 2 kicks off what episode 13 has left. Zero, which was saved from becoming level E vampire (courtesy of Kaname-sama) seems to still interested in Yuki's blood. Although she occasionally (umm did I say sometimes?) volunteers to donate blood, unknowingly what had happened between Kaname and to her blood-thirsty friend. Maria whom Shizuka possessed appeared as a normal girl again, bothered by the loss of her former 'master' revealed why Shizuka started a fight against Pure-blood and the mastermind of the deaths of Zero's parents. This begins the investigation of Vampire Council to hunt down Shizuka's slayer known for them was Zero.

Even the girls are awestruck by Yuki~

..No Kaname-sama?!


Maria finally reveals to Zero about his parents death.

Yuki got ambushed.. again

And that was fast~!

Would be nice if Kaname-sama was the only one that came :/

"Dang.. I missed~"

Jealousy strikes in.

Never knew dreams can be messy sometimes.

Friends forever?

  • Yuki still didn't notice Zero's change of state.
  • Noticed that night class were always in Kaname's side? Well, literally.
  • And I was looking forward for more KanamexYuki scenes.
  • Kaname seems to show a little bit of emotion there.
  • Dreams weren't made to scare people off to their beds~! xD
  • Zero's new power means new enemies, which is bad.

Okay, our next stop.. Episode 2: The Eternal Promise

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