Both sisters both strive to become an idol. Zange-chan is listening to confessions for 100 yen each and becomes famous. Just like always Akiba-san talks a lot. Jin saves Zange in a alley from a bunch of guys. Zange-chan licks Jin's wound on his cheek >.<

Zange-chan is so kawaii~

Akiba, the one that never shuts up.

Pedophiles! D:

"Gesso Can Attack"!

Who knows what would've happened if I was there.

The two sisters.

Rape with a spider.

. . .

What has been seen cannot be unseen.

Who puts these things in the fridge?

Even Tsugumi is shocked.


A obento for me?

  • Jin gets another girl to like him. D: Oh the jealousy.
  • Cute but deadly.
  • Quite a rivalry is going on.
  • I wonder what the real Zange looks like since she borrowed her body.
  • Jin apparently likes big breasts. Hai daisuki oukii oppai.
  • Even gods can be vulgar and mean. Nagi's language and Zange's actions.
  • Vegetables and fried eggs are my specialty, and so are fried eggs and vegetables.
  • I'm going to guess Tsugumi will decide to live with Jin too, to "make sure" that they will not do things.