Apparently the line, "Whose eyes are those"? became popular throughout the city, and that quote became used in basically everything, even jan ken poi. Takumi bumps into Sena on his way home. They end up confusing each other on what they saw or seen. Takumi thinks she's talking about her panties but she is talking about her sword. Takumi finds out the sword is a Di-Sword and he is one of the gathered people. Takumi sets out to find the Di-Sword of his own and buys one at a store. Takumi gets the illusion that Ayase wants him. He is confronted by the cops who ask about what he had saw during one of the New Gene events. Takumi gets home and fights with Rimi over his Seira PVC figure and ends up grabbing her left breast. A new transfer student, Kozue, seems to know Takumi, and says that he is just like her. As he runs away from school, he is approached by a thin man on a wheelchair who seems to know him.

CG: Sena with her Di-Sword from the game :D

A foot job in the middle of the streets?!

"You're my fated person".

Sly cops.

*Jealousy overflow*

Oh yea that definitely looks like the Di-Sword Ayase and Sena had.

"My popsicle."

Her first present from her brother. Wow.

You made her cry again?! This is the third time!

Kozue a girl of mystery.

Don't ignore her Takumi!

A world with no one, except...

A mysterious man on a wheelchair who knows about what is going on.

The streets are filled again.

Takumi finally got slapped by Rimi.

Now you make Rimi cry too?! *Gets bat, Higurashi style*

Lucky Takumi D:
  • Takumi sure is getting all the girls.
  • Confusion is awesome.
  • No one notices the foot job?
  • First a foot job then a breast grab.
  • Di-Sword info is available over the internet on WE-KEY PEDOPHIRIA.
  • They have stores like the one Takumi enters?
  • Takumi gets his "Di-Sword" broken within a day.
  • Kozue is another gathered person, we can assume and I know.
  • I was expecting a deeper voice for the guy in the wheelchair.
  • Rimi was so happy when Takumi said, "Arigatou".