The first part was about how Kasano loves cats, while Ryota claimed he liked dogs more. They stroked everything that felt like the paws of a cat. Second part is also one of my personal favorites, Natsumi beats Ryota and plays a punishment game by which he has to get the big red things with her in the storage room, and they end up locked. Natsumi is scared of the dark so Ryota makes fun of her and she ends up pulling his pants and in a "weird" position xD The third one is short and simple, Ryota drops the soccer ball and ends up in the girls changing room. Last one is also a great one where Megumi forgets that she has her bloomers on and searches the whole class.

Natsumi playing with a cat before going to school.

"Affection toward cats is unrewarded".

Athlete's foot from touching a cat's paws.

A cat's paws feels like that?

"I really do like dogs".

What a terrible block Sato.

Those red thingies.

*Insert scream here*

You guys are too young for this.

"I've been violated"!

Aihara and her brains.


Dodged with style.

Aihara is just standing there. xD

Background: "Superballs"? "Superballs is a man's pride"!

Puzzle Chain.


A frog.

Epic pudding of CG awesomeness.

"The bloomers are right here".

"Hand them over"!

  • I love how they say love towards cats is unrewarded.
  • I love how Natsumi is yelling and the guy is so calm when he said slime.
  • I don't think I remember seeing CG pudding in the OVA.
  • Sato isn't that good in sports.
  • More ecchi situations for Sato!
  • Megumi is an airhead.
  • I remembered when I had superballs, just wasn't my pride.
  • Sato got beaten up so bad his face deformed.
  • One of my personal favorites: Soccer episode
  • No one knows how to say red cone?