Episode Three: The Lapiz Lazuli Portrait

The Night Class was invited to spend their holiday at Aidou clan's house. Strangely enough, their classmate Aidou won't join and just decided to stay in the Moon Dorm. Meanwhile, Yuki still thinks about Kaname's proposal when she met Aidou sneaking towards the Sun Dorm. Yuki agreed to let him stay because he's too fast to be tied up~. Zero who's good (wowzers~) at cooking made some dishes enough for three, but Aidou just ate them all. The conversation lead to Kaname giving a special treatment on Yuki, but she states that their relationship was something 'simple' and she will be okay even Kaname betrays her in any matter. It was later revealed in this episode why Aidou likes Kaname so much. (KanamexAidou?)

I smell something fishy..

Yuki was amazed.

Zero going nuts~!

I wonder how much more can he eat.

Not a very good idea.

Sweet child~

Chibi-Aidou is surely cute~

Told you it was a very bad idea, Aidou.

  • Secrets are meant to be secret.
  • Aidou's Arc gives more of his mellow side towards Kaname.
  • The 'I hate you' thingy back then suprises me.
  • Shiki's mom and Kaname's mom does look the same.
  • Aidou doubts that Kaname's parents really did commit suicide. (count me too~)
  • Yuki donate blood again, weird because' it's via hand bite.

And our next stop.. Episode 4: The Devil's Quickening