I can't help it~

Grrr...he is mine *hands off*


Can't let the pie to be wasted~

Should we eat or should we not eat?

I spy a butler in black~

Fear my plate throwing skills~

Never knew utensils can be so useful~

Ciel's contract eye

Here you go *drops it into his pocket*

Looks very comfy up there~

  • In the beginning, there is an outbreak of mice, which was later used to compare it with people like Azuro Venere of Ferro Family whom Ciel thinks are lowlifes
  • The whole episode seems to cover Azuro Venere trying to get his hands on drugs and kidnapping Ciel in order to do so
  • Sebastian is immortal and is lightning quick once Ciel orders him with using his left eye (which is covered by an eye patch); Sebastian used plates and utensils to fight
  • There is also introduction to Ran, Madame Red, Greil, and Lan Mao; some other characters were left unnamed
  • The contract Ciel had with Sebastian includes Ciel exchange his soul for Sebastian's loyalty