Ok, sorry for the long long inactive time, I was very u-hum, "busy." Anywho, Episode 2 shows Akiyuki in Xam'd form killing the big fish looking monster that shoots laser beams. He learns new things about his form as he fights, like his arm can change to a sword or a shield. After he kills the monster (the monster gets covered into this red stone all over it's body), he himself starts to get covered in the red stone when he gets stabbed by a mysterious red hair girl named Nakiami. She said that if he wanted to live then he would come with her to somewhere. Akiyuki says "I want to live" and the girl releases him from the stone. Then she carrys him up to her ship> and flies away to the main ship. Meanwhile Haru is sad that he became this monster and left the island. Later, you see two people talking. One is a scientist and the other is a general. They are, I guess, the evil characters.

The human form creatures, that's what they are called. This one is coming out of the "egg" that fell onto the ground.

Akiyuki is taking a ride on the big ugly fish thing. Wouldn't you like to take a ride?

Wouldn't you like to jump that high in the air?

He found out that his arm can turn into a sword. Oh em gee!

Oww, he's about to get stabbed on the "eye" thing on his arm so that he can maintain his human form and not turn into that red stone.

The general and scientist talking about moving their facility to Senten Island.