Zange-chan goes over to Jin's house with a big obento. It looks delicious obviously. But her skills actually come from her body host and Nagi is a much better cook, although she is too lazy to do it daily(sounds just like me xD). Nagi becomes super popular at Jin's school and a fan club and fan site is made for her with over 16,000 hits(Her websites exist guys: Nagi's site). The club also has its own fan club card(I want one D:). Hagashima-sensei got a shiny head doesn't he? It reflects the light off Nagi's wand! Nagi gets help from Suzushiro-sensei. Nagi gets a scholarship and gets to stay in school. Suzushiro notices that Zange is possessed and wants her to be set free.

"Jin-kun desu"~


Nagi, a chef.



Super Nagi World.

Nagi, a rising idol in Jin's school.

Nagi's many worshippers.

Nagi's nervous face. She got caught.

Visual depiction of her capture. The kanji pointing to her wrists says handcuffs.

Mahou Shoujo power!

Ooo Shiny :D

Her "knowledge" surprises everyone.

Suzushiro-sensei, Zange's dad.

"Konbanwa. Zange-chan desu"~

That one bright wand.

  • Zange declares a cooking contest and loses horribly.
  • Nagi is super popular *_*
  • Nagi with her hair tied up looks cute.
  • Many blog posts on the site from her many fans including the director of "Kannagi" itself.
  • Nagi is trying to become idolized at school.
  • Suzuhiro knows something is wrong with his daughter and helps Nagi enroll into the school.
  • Nagi is "caught by handcuffs tied to a string while be dragged away".
  • Nagi's powers skyrocket to a bright light!
  • Nagi's wand is better than a flashlight. Super bright like a spotlight.
  • Extremely bright according to Zange. "Woah! So bright"!