The episode starts off with Tatsui counting the amount of times she is being ignored. Thus being said, the "four" start looking for a club. Everything lent to them was all because of Ayumi's looks. As they check around the club, Torako makes all types of references to people and anime. Tatsui gets provoked by Torako in the baseball club and decides to bat, only to be hit in the butt by the ball. Next is the tennis club and Torako decides to use her Tiger Smash, only to miss the ball and cause a double fault. Torako releases the racket without knowing during her swing and the racket hits Tatsui in the face. Next is basketball. A Kappei Dash reference here. Torako injures Tatsui again. They end up going to a arts club, tea club, and calligraphy club. Last comes the soccer club. Suzu is the goalie and Tatsui has to kick the ball in. Suzu starved is bribed by Torako and just as Tatsui is about the kick the ball, Torako "slips" and trips her over. Suzu faints from hunger as Tatsui chases Torako.

Ignored once.

"The Kage's Four"!

"The Clan of Kage's Four"!

"The Kage's Big Four"!

"The Kagekko Group"!

"Kagekage Four"!

Ayumi ignored once too.


"Reach for Koushien"!


Ouch! D:

Sweet revenge.

Ayumi, the reason things are being lent to them.

Ouch again! Dx

Tatsui's revenge face.

"Dream Team".

"Kappei Dash".

Ball interception.

Me too.

Stomach shot!

Suzu drew ramen :D

What have they done to poor Suzu?

Suzu's hunger face.

Torako slips and trips Tatsui.

Suzu faints from hunger.
  • Tatsui has a hatred of being ignored.
  • Suzume only has food on her mind.
  • Torako loves sports.
  • Ayumi is not good at sports.
  • Tatsui "hates" Torako.
  • Over 100 clubs!
  • Black Magic Club, White Magic Club, Red and Blue Magic Club.
  • The cafeteria is not a club Suzu.
  • Lots of references in this episode.
  • Tatsui starts raging at the fifth time she is ignored.