Tales of the Abyss - 05

Mieu is so cute, waving his tiny arms around

Objects emitting different fonic frequencies

Isonfons, which are object emitting the same fonic frequency


Oh ho ho~ *smirks*

Natalia eavesdropped on them
  • Isonfons, objects which emit the same fonic frequency, can only be created artificially via Fomicry, the science of making clones and replicas
  • Dist the Reaper is probably the only one dumb enough as Luke
  • Hyperresonance, can both destroy and recreate all matter, usually occur between two Seventh Fonists, but Luke can create it by himself
  • Van tells Luke that he has been imprisoned because Luke was considered as a weapon due to his power of hyperresonance; Van also tells Luke that he was the one who kidnapped him and by using hyperresonance, he would be able to become a hero like saving the miners of Akzeriuth and fleeing with Van to Daath (Luke is very gullible)
  • Natalia is Luke's fiancee
  • Luke is nicer in this episode than the other four
  • Luke becomes the ambassador of peace
  • Lorelei, the collective consciousness of the Seventh Fonon, is still something of theory at the moment
  • Mohs and Van both sounds a bit shady, in my opinion
So far there has been quite a lot talking about fonons and such; it can be quite confusing. So I found something off Wikipedia, which sums it up very nicely (beware of slight spoilers). There should be a lot happening next episode.

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Tales of the Abyss - 04

Write to me, Anise~

Ah~ Hearts everywhere~

I'm so going to kill him *glare*

No, Luke, only you are stupid~

Anise use puppet magic

Jade, the Loli Killer~

The machine that made Jade distraught
  • When Mieu moves in the air, he is like swimming
  • The the Score is so long that the fonstone it is written on is as large as a mountain; when the fonstone broke apart, one part became the Fonbelt in the sky and another fell to Earth, which incited the Hod War
  • If you have the fonstone, you can read the future; the Seventh Fonstone, which Tears is looking for, is the part of the Score that Yulia Jue read and hid
  • Arietta lost her parents in the Hod War and is raised up by monsters
  • Traveling is Guy's hobby
  • The Six God Generals: Asch the Bloody, Arietta the Wild, Legretta the Quick, Largo the Black Lion, Sync the Tempest, and Dist the Reaper
  • Choral Castle is where Luke was first found when he returned after being kidnapped
  • Guy has a gap in his memory
  • Luke is really stupid
We will be traveling to Baticul next.

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Haii..~ I'm Waffles, thanks for inviting me in your blog :> *shy..*

well, I'm not that good in anime discipline because I rarely watch some but I'm flattered to be invited here.

I'll try to watch all shows posted here so I can contribute as much as I can.

Imma view firsty the fall anime season as Rokou suggested to see what can I blog for the meantime :">

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When too much is TOO MUCH.


Yes, this is so far the most interesting thing I've seen since I started preparing for exams. I couldn't bear to leave this in the dark, so I just had to post this here.

I haven't reached the point where I want to marry anime characters, but if I did, I'd pick Tomoyo or Saber (actually leaning towards Tomoyo now). 8D

Admit it, this makes you go BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

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CLANNAD ~After Story~ - 3

Yay for screen time for Mei! I want a sister like her ._. So if you're like Mei be my sister >.<. Trying very hard on a "date" he ignores a girl that is being bullied and this angers Mei. Everyone decides to help them get home later. Sunohara has big plans for his life and a toilet seat cover. Seems like Tomoya likes having a little sister. The purple haired trio spots Tomoya and his pedophile desires.
"I feel sorry for you for going out with my brother."

The little girl is cute x)

"I want to be a toilet seat cover when I grow up!"

"Onii-sama will work hard for you!"

"This guy is a weirdo."


"Hold it! The three purple haired girls are coming!"

Tomoya is really turned on by this.


"No wonder why you don't love me! You're a lolicon!"

"I still love you my darlings."

Cute face >.<

Cute pose >.<

Tomoya looks like the happiest man alive.

"I want my strawberry!"

=( Do want.

And Sunohara looks on in disbelief while Mei wonders why her brother isn't doing anything about it.

  • Mei got so much screen time. I love this episode! It was funny too.
  • Guess Tomoya likes Mei more than Nagisa >:D
  • And a toilet seat cover.
  • At first I thought Kyou would punch Tomoya
  • "Onii-chan, what should Mei do?" You can be my sister.
  • Mei + Princess Crepe = <3
  • "No don't hate me!" That's how much Tomoya is enjoying this.
  • Sunohara actually looked serious for once.
  • Sunohara is a pretty useless brother at the moment.
  • I want to see Mei grown up!!!!!

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Chaos;HEad - 2

Sorry it took so long, had test weeks. Back to where episode 1 left off, Takumi first sees Rimi, who claims she, and Daisuke were childhood friends, even providing a picture from his phone. His life just got changed. Takumi is caught on camera, running away with the nail. Seems like a date with Yua until she drops her bag full of New Gene articles. Yua just does a major mood swing and goes all evil sounding. She is a pro stalker too.

I am so jealous!

Kawaii~ pose :D

I want to be in that picture =[

Delusions, Illusions, and Intrusions.

Caught on tape, no escape.

What did you do to get that girl?

I know what you're staring at Takumi xD

"Never stare at my ass."

  • A cute girl just came into your life Takumi, so no complaints.
  • Rimi is a ninja. She went into Takumi's room without him knowing.
  • How was Rimi not caught on tape?
  • Ignoring an e-mail from a girl? Despicable.
  • So Takumi actually does like real girls.
  • Instant evil aura emits from Yua.
  • She sure can be redundant.
  • She is a professional detective/stalker, logging all of Takumi's files.
  • Must get episode 3!

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Ga-Rei-Zero - 2

Well, another great episode in my eyes, although some modifications were done. Yomi was still there, Iwahata, Kagura, Noriyuki, and that is about it.Kagura has short hair now =[ and what happened to Byakuei? Well Kagura isn't as cute anymore. Well the fights were still great (I love that dude with the briefcases), and Kagura has a short fight with Yomi, unable to defeat her she gets "killed". The show blacks out as she is cut, so we can't be sure yet. Maybe Noriyuki ran back out and took the hit for her.

This is what you do when you get stuck in traffic.

The main character does a one slash kill pose theme.

Kagura has short hair now =[ But she has pocky :D

Wasn't the chairwoman of the Ministry of the Environment supposed to be an old lady? Oh well, love her smile.

Never mess with a guy that fights with machine gun briefcases that work real well at close range.

Yomi summons Rangure

Doesn't Rangure seem happy?

Woo 1 on 1 fight

Yomi doesn't realize until the last second.

Kagura is caught by Rangure by the hand ouch D:

  • Kagura has shorter hair.
  • Kagura isn't as cute =[
  • When does Kensuke come in?
  • I want some Iwahata gay jokes.
  • Yomi is still related to Kagura in the anime and still wants to kill her.
  • "Man you didn't have to kill them!" They are controlled corpses, no point leaving them alive to kill you is there?
  • Briefcases are awesome.
  • Yomi doesn't have a sesshouseki on her forehead.
  • Noriyuki is still called a coward.
  • Will you kill someone you love, because of love?

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