The series starts off with a dream has of when he was little. The setting would be a train and a flower field outside. It seems he is with his father. Then a voice is heard shouting, "Watch out, Tomoya-kun"! Now the setting goes back into the park where Tomoya, Nagisa, Sanae, and Akio are playing baseball. Upon waking up from his dream a baseball is seen to be flying towards Tomoya. Nagisa jumps in and Tomoya catches the ball before it hits him. Back in the game Akio is up at bat and hits a home run for Sanae, the ball ends up breaking a window.

Back at home the next day ( or however many days), while eating in the morning, Akio asks Tomoya to recruit a team for a baseball game on Sunday to defeat their rivals, the neighboring shopping district team. Nagisa informs Tomoya that Akio is part of the adult team. Akio goes on to tell us that the rival team has recruited a former high school national tournament player. Because of that their district team is on a losing streak. Sanae comments on her neighbor's behaviors due to the losses. Akio asks Tomoya to recruit people from the theater club since school is starting again. Akio states, "From the moment I saw the teamwork you guys showed me at the School Festival, I've been wanting to play baseball with you guys". Akio says since he is boyfriend he has to be nice to him too. Tomoya complains that his right shoulder is injured and can't play. then says, "You lit the fireball in my heart. Like the fireball". Tomoya comments on his comment and says that he makes no sense whatsoever.

Next scene shows Tomoya> and Nagisa on their way to school while Tomoya gives background information on what is happening. He is still living with Nagisa and talks about how as a senior in high school he should know more about what to do with his future, but he doesn't know what he wants to do.

The scene changes and it becomes it starts off with Kyou saying, "I'm in"! The room has changed to the drama club room, where Tomoya had probably asked if anyone would like to play in the baseball game. Sunohara starts bragging about how Akio> as good eyes for recruiting him. Tomoya praises him about his prodigy-athleticism. and Sunohara says how his talent leaks out even though he tries to conceal it. Tomoya turns around and mutters to himself that Sunohara is as easy to manipulate as usual. Sunohara upon hearing him yells out, "What did you say"?, Tomoya tells him to forget about it and tells him that he's super while making a reference to a advertisement for menstrual pads. Sunohara being the idiot he is does not realize this and says with a passionate voice and look, "Damn right I am"! Kotomi decides that she wants to play too. Tomoya> asks her if she knows the rules and she responds that she learned while watching Tomoya and Tomoyo play against the baseball team back in season one. Kyou asks Ryou if she wants to play too, but she refuses and will cheer from the side, Nagisa says she will cheer also. Nagisa tells Tomoya, "Good luck". Kyou says that Nagisa and Tomoya are looking more like a couple now and Tomoya and Nagisa turns away blushing.

The scenary changes again and this time Tomoya and Sunohara goes to ask Tomoyo. Tomoyo asks, "What do you want calling me to a place like this"? Tomoya replies saying that Sunohara wants to do perverted things to her. Sunohara is instantly kicked to a wall and a print is left behind. Tomoya says he guess there was no need to test her athleticism, and Sunohara complains saying is he a measuring tool. Finally Tomoyo asks what is going on.

Now Nagisa, Tomoya, Tomoyo, and Sunohara are walking home from school together. Tomoyo says she will only join if Misae joins the team too. Tomoya decides to talk Misae into it and Sunohara claims that she will join as soon as he asks her to. Then Nagisa noticed Yoshino is working on a telephone pole. Sunohara decides to invite Yoshino too. Sunohara> calls out to him but he doesn't respond. Sunohara decides to do a Yoshino call with the other three, but Tomoya doesn't know what it is. Sunohara explains it to him that it is like an encore. He thinks Yoshino will remember his musician days and respond back to them. The four starts clapping to a certain tempo and shouts Yoshino multiple times in a certain beat. Yoshino then climbs down and smacks Sunohara over the head with his safety helmet asking what kind of harrassment is this. The situation is explained and Yoshino turns them down saying he has work. Tomoya tells him to wait and says Sunohara looks up to him. Tomoya says, "His house is up north, so when he graduates, he probably won't ever come back to this town. So he wants to create a memory with the man he looks up to,Yoshino-san, before he leaves"(obviously it's one of those Tomoya lies that work). Yoshino realizes how thoughtless he was and decides to help out.

The four now arrive back at Sunohara's dorm and goes to Misae. Misae asks what is going on and Sunohara says, "Let's play baseball"! Misae says, "No. Bye". and closes the door. Tomoya says he thought it would've been better if Sunohara had stayed quiet. Sakagami then calls out to Misae, and Misae comes back out, Sunohara repeats the same line, but before he could finish, Sakagami knocks him out. Misae asks if she needs answers for problems involving the Student Council again. Tomoyo replies no and tells her that they want to play baseball with her. Tomoyo declares that Misae is her goal and her rival and wants to play baseball with her. Misae say that she can't refuse to a person with those eyes. The last person they recruit back outside is Mei, Sunohara's sister. Nagisa asks Tomoya to bring his father to play too so she can meet him properly, Tomoya stops and says maybe next time and walks away. Nagisa gives chase.

The day of the baseball game, Sunday, arrives. Everyone is in their gym uniforms, getting ready to start. Akio's team rounds and up and Akio thanks those that have come, but it would be pointless if they lost. Akio whispers to everyone that the loser has to eat Sanae's bread. Kyou not understand what he means asks Tomoya, who tells her that it's better off not knowing.

The game starts and the first batter says that Akio must've lost his wits to challenge them with his team. Akio says in return that it would be an interesting team. Akio pitches and it is a strike. Sunohara catches the strike and pain is sent through his body as depicted by the waves. Sunohara complains about the pain on his hand, and Kyou yells back that no one cares about his hand and he better catch the ball. Sunohara goes up to bat as a lefty and Tomoya finds it odd that he is a lefty. Kyou says that Sunohara is probably thinking being a lefty makes it closer to first base. The pitcher throws and Sunohara fakes a swing and bunts the ball. The hit becomes a pop-up causing him to be out. Sunohara complains that he can't hit a national pitcher's pitch and tells Kyou to do it. Kyou goes up to bat and hits it. The game progresses and Misae hits the ball, and Akio is up batting only to be striked out. Tomoyo's turn is up next and Tomoya says that he is counting on her. Tomoyo claims that this is her first time as a batter. Tomoya teaches Tomoyo how to swing a bat, and Nagisa is shown seemingly jealous. Tomoyo misses the first swing and Tomoya gives her advice. Tomoyo swings again at the next pitch and hits a home run. Akio does a little dance across the field. Tomoyo apologizes for losing the ball, but Tomoya tells her to run. Yoshino is stuck out afterwards.

Score is now four to zero, with Furukawa Bakery in the lead. Akio starts to pitch again but this time the batter lets go of the bat by accident. The bat flies out of his hand and hits Akio's leg. Akio screams in pain and is seen rolling in the dirt holding his leg.Everyone rushes over to see if he is okay. The batter apologizes and Sunohara accuses him of doing it on purpose. With Akio out they have to get a new pitcher. Akio chooses Nagisa to be the new pitcher.

Nagisa is now the pitcher and she pitches, the batter hits it and Tomoyo gets it, she passes it to Tomoya and gets the batter out. Tomoya is up to bat now and is struck out. Kotomi is up to bat now and she starts calculating probability and percentage of hitting. She also brings in physics involving length of her arm, motion, pitch speed, length of bat, and diameter of the ball. Kotomi does a Texas hit and runs to first base. Sunohara goes up to bat and Sunohara is out as he runs to the base. He is then denounced by Misae, Kyou, Mei, and Tomoya. Nagisa pitches again and the ball is hit toward Kotomi, she manages to catch it but doesn't throw it home. The score is then four to one with the Furukawa Bakery team still in the lead.

Kyou and Misae both go up to bat and both hit the ball. Sunohara says, "Our girls are amazing". Akio being ethusiastic shouts that they have runners on first and third base and wonders who is next up at bat. Nagisa is shown and Akio's mood drops saying, "Oh yeah, it's you". Akio tells her to do a squeeze but Nagisa misinterpret it as S-quiz and asks what is it. Akio says, "Don't worry and swing with all your might". Nagisa is struck out right after. Akio says there is nothing to worry about for their slugger Tomo-pyon is next. Tomoyo tells him not to give her a weird nickname. Kotomi and Ryou tells Tomoyo to hit another home run, but Tomoyo refuses saying she wants to hit like a girl. Tomoyo hits it and gets taken out. Okazaki is up to bat and Mei is on a base. Okazaki bunts the ball and is taken out. The game progesses.

Misae catches the ball from a hit and Akio says, "Great catch Misae-chan"! Misae yells back and says don't call her that. Tomoyo hits like normal again and is on a base. Yoshino back up to bat is filled with rage. A red aura is seen around him as he thinks to himself that he has not contributed at all to the game. He lets the first two pitches go by and swings his bat and hits the ball. After the ball is sent flying, Yoshino goes back and gives a speech about the gift of memory, before he could finish he is taken out because he wasn't running to the bases. Yoshino goes back and cries on a bench.

Akio says they have turned the tables around. Nagisa apologizes and Sunohara says it isn't her fault. Kyou, Tomoyo, and Mei all start talking about how Sunohara messed up. Misae is struck out and Nagisa is up to bat again. Everyone starts to give her advice and Nagisa swings her bat. She hits it and runs off to first base. Tomoyo goes bak up and hits it has hard as she can, despite that she gets taken out. Yoshino is back up and hits the ball and runs to first base. Yoshino once again gives off the same speech except calles timeout before hand. Mei hits the ball too afterwards having three runners on bases. It was Tomoya's turn to hit again, Akio tells him to hit it for Nagisa's sake. As Tomoyo steps up to bat preparing to hit, he looks up at the sky and the sun the scene changes.

Now everyone is back at Nagisa's house celebrating their victory. Food is prepared and as Kotomi puts it, it looks very delicious. Sunohara asks Tomoya who Sanae is and asks if she is Nagisa's sister. Tomoya says something like that and Sunohara says beautiful sisters. Then to celebrate their victory, they cheered. The light reflects off the cups and it becomes the sun again back out onto the field but Tomoya had already hit the ball. They start running and the ball is seen soaring through the air. Then a scence in the illusionary world is shown, with the robot looking up at the light that is the ball.

To be continued~


Well this episode start off light and simple. It wasn't as dramatic, but was made into a simple comedy. They gave enough screen time for everyone. I, myself, enjoyed this episode a lot. The part that I found most amusing was when Kotomi was calculating the hit. The BGM is still the same as season one, the BGM from the game. It still fits the show perfectly and gives off a good vibe. Also elements from the first season is given so none of us will be left hanging. Sunohara getting kicked to the wall is the best! Who else was thinking something else when Akio got hit by the bat? I love you Tomoyo!!!