Ryūji's perverted look as he daydreams about Minorin

Taiga's Eye Poke *Ryūji deserves it, no?*

Decorate mine too~

Ryūji's cellphone decorated

Minorin is cute in her waitress uniform too~

I'm smiling, can't you see?!

Taiga's method of riding a bicycle: push and run with all might

First time on a bicycle...swaying and swaying~



There is a lot about Minorin in this episode
  • She is softball captain
  • She works as a cellphone decorator, waitress, and other miscellaneous jobs
  • She likes to sing
  • There is more behind that cheerful smile
Although Taiga doesn't know how to ride a bicycle, she does it because Kitamaru tells her that bicycle opens up the world. Now that's the power of persuasion/love, to persuade even stubborn Taiga. I thought Ryūji was a decent character, but it looks like he is just another of those perverted boys who drools when seeing their crush. Looks like there will be an introduction of a new character in the preview.