No, Anise...don't love for such cowards like Luke just because he is wealthy

No one in their right mind would bow before Luke

The cutest picture of Mieu so far~

Luke doesn't deserve both "flower(s)"

Dogs and cats are falling from the sky~

The Anti-Fon Slot

Luke freaks out because he kills someone

Gloomietta is so adorable that she deserves to be posted in the blog

Amazing Guy to the rescue~

Neon red blood is so horrible
  • Anise wants to marry into a rich family after hearing Luke is the son of Duke Fabre
  • Colonel Jade Curtiss, the commander of Tartarus, is actually Jade the Necromancer who scavenges dead bodies
  • Jade and Fon Master Ion are traveling to Baticul under the request of Malkuth king, Peony the IX, to prevent war, which Grand Maestro Mohs, devotely following the Score, wants
  • The six god generals of the Order of Lorelei attack the Tartarus in order to capture Fon Master Ion
  • Jade got his fon slots sealed by an anti-fon slot yet he still is able to battle
  • Anise falls off the Tartarus
  • Mieu is a boy
  • Guy appears and the group escapes from the Tartarus
  • Tear get injured because of coward Luke
  • The Score is the cause of the conflict between the believers and disbelievers since the Score involved a war
Neon red blood is just awful. It looks like Luke will get over his cowardice in the next few episode. Honestly, I had enough of his cowardiness, arrogance, and complaints. In the preview, like in the game, the party will be going to places like Fubras River, Choral Castle, Kaitzur, Kaitzur Naval Port, and St. Binah.