Yay for screen time for Mei! I want a sister like her ._. So if you're like Mei be my sister >.<. Trying very hard on a "date" he ignores a girl that is being bullied and this angers Mei. Everyone decides to help them get home later. Sunohara has big plans for his life and a toilet seat cover. Seems like Tomoya likes having a little sister. The purple haired trio spots Tomoya and his pedophile desires.
"I feel sorry for you for going out with my brother."

The little girl is cute x)

"I want to be a toilet seat cover when I grow up!"

"Onii-sama will work hard for you!"

"This guy is a weirdo."


"Hold it! The three purple haired girls are coming!"

Tomoya is really turned on by this.


"No wonder why you don't love me! You're a lolicon!"

"I still love you my darlings."

Cute face >.<

Cute pose >.<

Tomoya looks like the happiest man alive.

"I want my strawberry!"

=( Do want.

And Sunohara looks on in disbelief while Mei wonders why her brother isn't doing anything about it.

  • Mei got so much screen time. I love this episode! It was funny too.
  • Guess Tomoya likes Mei more than Nagisa >:D
  • And a toilet seat cover.
  • At first I thought Kyou would punch Tomoya
  • "Onii-chan, what should Mei do?" You can be my sister.
  • Mei + Princess Crepe = <3
  • "No don't hate me!" That's how much Tomoya is enjoying this.
  • Sunohara actually looked serious for once.
  • Sunohara is a pretty useless brother at the moment.
  • I want to see Mei grown up!!!!!