Write to me, Anise~

Ah~ Hearts everywhere~

I'm so going to kill him *glare*

No, Luke, only you are stupid~

Anise use puppet magic

Jade, the Loli Killer~

The machine that made Jade distraught
  • When Mieu moves in the air, he is like swimming
  • The the Score is so long that the fonstone it is written on is as large as a mountain; when the fonstone broke apart, one part became the Fonbelt in the sky and another fell to Earth, which incited the Hod War
  • If you have the fonstone, you can read the future; the Seventh Fonstone, which Tears is looking for, is the part of the Score that Yulia Jue read and hid
  • Arietta lost her parents in the Hod War and is raised up by monsters
  • Traveling is Guy's hobby
  • The Six God Generals: Asch the Bloody, Arietta the Wild, Legretta the Quick, Largo the Black Lion, Sync the Tempest, and Dist the Reaper
  • Choral Castle is where Luke was first found when he returned after being kidnapped
  • Guy has a gap in his memory
  • Luke is really stupid
We will be traveling to Baticul next.