Takuto looks like any other average boy from school in this anime, but he actually practices magic. After denying a invitation to a party, he heads off to the magic academy through a door which he cast a spell to summon. He goes through the door(which can talk), and goes into the academy. Well so far this kind of reminds me of Zero no Tsukaima, especially when Takuto summons a tsukaima. Parodies are seen throughout this episode. The droids remind me of Knightmares from Code Geass, Suzuho is like a blue-haired Shana, MAGIC LEVEL OVER 100,000!(Lol Dragonball Z scouter), and a droid has an armband reminding me of Haruhi. Well this anime has that new character pops in and becomes main characters lover theme so far as I see it.

The summoning of a tsukaima.

Too- too cute!

Oh crap, can't even sleep anymore.

Eneus is so cute ><

Oh man, she is so strong.

Of course, her magic power level is OVER 100,000!!!

Blue hair Shana with a electrical machine sword. Konata + Shana + Glasses = Suzuho?

No kissing pact in this show. =[

  • Quite the amount of references in the first episode I must say.
  • I thought Eneus was a cat but apparently she is a dog.
  • The door was pretty freaky.
  • Does Futaba and Hazuki look like twins? Hmm maybe fraternal twins?
  • Why did Suzuho have to hide in a mail box?
  • Does anyone get mad at all that their whole school just got demolished?
  • Anyone liked the clay figure parts?