Matrix effect

Zombie-like soldiers

Wonder what this symbol means


Her arm gets chopped off

Is this Benkei? (or is Benkei dead already?)

Together for eternity~
  • Blood here and there, blood everywhere
  • Kuro, the main character, is being chased by zombie like soldiers
  • Kuromitsu, an immortal women with a dark secret, feasting on dead people (their blood apparently)
  • Kuro have fallen in love with Kuromitsu, but Kuromitsu says that they can't ever be together
  • Episode one seems like a flashback
In the some action scene, it was done in slow motion, kind of gives off the matrix effect. Well, firstly, this is way bloody anime with arms chopped off and etc. So if you don't like blood, it won't be a good anime for you for this season. In addition to blood, there will be a lot of action in it, too. Personally, I am not a big fan of bloody anime so I will watch a few and see if the plot is interesting enough for me to blog this.