It seems that the anime so far does not follow the manga, although there are still certain characters from the manga that is still in the anime. Nonetheless, the anime is still action packed killing off the supernatural. Natsuki's fighting style is probably what I like best so far *_*

Looks like he's scouting their power levels.

So, so beautiful!

And so hideous.

WOAH! Is she driving while fighting by throwing her motorcycle around?!

A category B monster that just got sniped in the sewer. Natsuki as bait.

A symbol of the worst to come.

Category A. I'm guessing that is Yomi from the manga.

Metroid Prime reference it seems.

I'm guessing he's the kid that works under Lord Tamamo with a sesshouseki in his left eye socket.

And everyone is laid to rest.

  • Natsuki has some killer techniques.
  • Everyone is introduced and by the time the episode is over, everyone is dead?!
  • Seems like Tooru has a dark past that involves the sesshouseki and his girlfriend Aoi.
  • Just when the team thought it was safe a category B apparition comes out!
  • Why wasn't the firemen attacked?
  • Spell enchanted bullets and wheels. I liked how Natsuki made a barrier.
  • The BGM is really nice, I love the beat.
  • Their tactics are amazing, using the sewer as a battleground for holy water.
  • Would you kill someone you love, because of love?