Just like season 1, full of ecchi, but still no plot. There is that overload of fan service which gets annoying since the show itself gets nowhere. Well after all that, we are introduced to a new character, Kokoa Shuzen, the half-sister of Moka. I guess now this show finally has the tsundere type, or so it seems.

Never get on a bus with a scary man, even if he gives you candy.

Probably the only character I liked in this show. Mizore <3

Physically IMPOSSIBLE!

This is the newspaper club, I repeat this is the newspaper club.

Inner Moka is waaaay better than pink haired Moka.

What does Shuzen and the bat have in common so far? Both are annoying.

  • So far Shuzen is pretty annoying, look at how many letters she sends!
  • Panty flash through the whole episode.
  • So now Moka can kick wind at her enemies, hmm.
  • Isn't it always funny how Tsukune rips off the rosario by accident when falling.
  • Mizore + lolipop = Awesome. I'd stalk her.
  • Stalker confronts a stalker about stalking.
  • Tsukune meets Shuzen in the same place as Moka, in the same way.
  • Tsukune ignores a girl as he runs to a bus. Bad idea, reaaaal bad.
  • So I'm guessing Shuzen is a ninja with letters.