ToraDora - 25 END

One more kiss~

No more running away; time for change

Technology these days~

Minorin is always so cute~


"I love you" - Ryūji

Headbutt attack~
  • "One more kiss"
  • I'll try my best, "Even if the sky is pitch black, with nothing to see, there will be stars shining somewhere out there. If I keep shining brighter and brighter, I'll definitely look better to people." Stars are always romanticized as the bonds between people.
  • The seniors are pretty cool ;3
  • The answer to the very first quote in the anime would probably be Ryūji's and Taiga's relationship
  • El Fin~
Final thoughts
Although the anime used many cliche ideas like family and stars, it had its own good points like the story, characters, and the relation between both. Sometimes I get frustrated with Ryūji and Taiga because of his indecisiveness and her thoughts of change; I also don't like the fact that the story sometimes continues solely on the fact of the characters' indecisiveness. Despite the flaws, I enjoyed how everyone matured, went through and developed their feelings, and were able to reflect on how they've changed. "That's life and we will all eventually change, too." Ganbatte Minna-san~

Overall, this anime deserves an 8/10.

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Hayate no Gotoku - OVA

The unlucky in-debt butler~

Hayate's debt got compared to ten palm trees

Epic winz~

  • Swimsuit fanservice (Hina looks the best ;3)
  • Misunderstandings between Nagi and Hayate causes Nagi to be possessed by an evil spirit who was always jealous of other people in swimsuits at the beach
  • In the end, Hayate saves the day like always

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ToraDora - 24


Do I sense some regret?


Tears are always overly exaggerated~

"This is my wife" - Ryūji

Second season?
  • Minorin confessed and bid her farewell to Ryūji
  • Taiga and Ryūji are running away to get married after Ryūji's 18th birthday
  • Although none of them approve of it, Kitamaru, Ami, and Minorin decides to support Taiga and Ryūji their own ways

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Chaos;HEAd - 5

Takumi continues his life as nothing special really happens, until he sees Sena's Di-Sword. He decides to follow her to find out where did she get one only to lose her in the streets. At that moment he finds a chain on the ground leading into a train car. He walks in and sees the chain bound to Sena's legs. Sena starts telling Takumi about the imperfect world. She speaks of the visions given to humans to see, and that humans are electronic devices. Yua on the other hand wants to meet Takumi again and sends him a e-mail saying she will go to his house tomorrow at 5 P.M. Takumi escapes to @cafe the next day but is only caught by Yua, and boy she goes all redundant on him again. Takumi injures Yua in some way and runs away. Later that night a mob of people start chasing Takumi through the streets. He ends up meeting Ayase along the way and she takes him to safety. Ayase has a talk with him about the images they see. She takes her Di-Sword out of another dimension and shows Takumi. After Takumi returns home, he is sent a video of the Group Dive incident. But then he realizes that the person recording it is Shogun because of the sounds of his wheelchair.

"Ohiyo, Seira-tan"

Takumi ignores Kozue on the stairs when she fell.

Sena's cold stare.

Ayase reaches into a different dimension.

Ayase's Di-Sword.
  • Life is pretty much nearly the same for Takumi besides the new student and such.
  • Takumi does not like Gero Frogs.
  • A chain that leads Takumi into a trap.
  • The New Gen events seem to be involved with the GE-rates in Shibuya.
  • All of a sudden people attack Ayase and Takumi.
  • Takumi's vision of Ayase in a swimsuit comes true, delusional powers!

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Kannagi - 13 END

As Jin gets even more depressed, Tsugumi notices something is wrong with Jin and Nagi. Jin replies that she won't be coming back anymore. Tsugumi gives Jin a long lecture and Jin snaps out of it. From the people on the Nagi fansite he manages to find Nagi. The the spirit of the old woman of Nagi's first followers had come to talk to Jin about Nagi-sama. It turns out that the old woman had died, hence the black dress on Nagi. Nagi returns to Jin's home, and Jin has all these sexual thoughts about her. And then the fan service part happens while Tsugumi walks in on them. All's well ends well.

The story started out interesting, I mean a god coming out of your statue, isn't that awesome or what? The comedy was mediocre at best to me and the series could have done a better. This anime still had its moments though. Overall this series was an average one.


Jin holds onto Nagi's arm, not to let her go again.

Nagi looks cute in this picture doesn't it? :D

Too bad she is beaten by her :3

Holding hands at the funeral. of sexual urges!

Naked and white liquid on the floor. Water isn't white!
Tsugumi: . . .

Tsugumi's awesome head swaying!

Frying pan attack to end the show!
  • Jin gets out of emo-mode and finds Nagi.
  • The old woman's spirit is cute isn't she? :3
  • Nagi and Jin held hands!
  • Tsgumi's head swaying is awesome.
  • To get rid of sexual urges turn on the TV.

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ToraDora - 23

"Kooh"-like Taiga ;3

Surprised that Haruta has a girlfriend~

What will you do Ryūji?
  • Valentine Day and Ya-chan is sick so Taiga and Ryūji help out at work
  • Taiga wants to be normal girl and fall in love normally
  • Ami is going to leave, but Ryūji persuades her not to because everyone adores her, but she says to herself that she is happy even without everyone
  • What will you do Ryūji, chase after Taiga or stand there doing nothing?

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ToraDora - 22


Bitch slapped~
  • Ryūji asked Kitamaru to lie to Taiga that Kitamaru is the one who carried her back during the ski trip
  • Minorin refers back to the ghost analogy again; she says she is determined to move forward so she don't lose things she can see and don't get caught in things she can't see
  • Aa~ Ryūji is so stupid...I wonder which girl he would choose

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ToraDora - 21


Auto cleaning mode ON
  • Everyone is fighting (especially Ami and Minorin)
  • During Ami's and Minorin's second fight, Minorin loses Ryūji's gift; thus Taiga went to find it
  • When Taiga didn't come back, Kitamaru, Minorin, and Ryūji went to search for her; Ryūji spotted the sparkle of the hairpin and realized what happened so he told Minorin and Kitamaru that he will save Taiga himself
  • Semi-consciously, Taiga confessed of her love for Ryūji

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ToraDora - 20

"Life's not always fair"

Yay~ Minorin is back
  • "I wish everything would just burn down", Ryūji accidently burned down the hotel that Class 2-c will be staying during their Okinawa's field trip
  • Ryūji is back to being half useless; Taiga is supporting MinorinxRyūji
  • Minorin is back to her cute awesome self
  • Okinawa trip changed into a ski trip (each group also has to make guide books)
  • The ski trip is the last time the class is doing something together; it'd be nice if everything and everyone stayed the same

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ToraDora - 19

Formal attire

They should've at least made them much more different

"Then am I hot, but still cute?" - Kitamaru

Reminds me of Nunnally
  • Taiga and Ryūji dresses up formally for party; it also looks like Ryūji got something for Minorin
  • Kitamaru and the singing by Ami and Taiga both lightened up the seriousness of the drama scene in the end
  • Everyone is cute
  • Ryūji became a "fake" Santa to make Taiga happy, but Taiga says she is already happy and tells Ryūji to go back to the party since her real present for Ryūji is inviting Minorin to the party for him
  • In the end, Taiga realized how much she needed Ryūji (Minorin saw it); then Ryūji got indirectly rejected by Minorin

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ToraDora - 18

Santa really exists

Christmas tree

"I'm here, [Kushieda]" - Ryūji
  • Ami compares Ryūji to a father when talking about everyone paring up Kitamaru and Taiga (side note: Ami wants Ryūji to give her another chance)
  • Taiga believes that there will always be someone watching over you even if you don't have or believe anything else like God
  • Taiga went to an all girls Catholic school before; thus the "Santa" gift is for the orphans she used to play with at her old school
  • Taiga also sent out presents to the other side of her family (Yuu side) despite all the hurt she went through; she does it because it is Christmas
  • A baseball broke Taiga's favorite ornament; thus Minorin blamed it all on herself and deepened her depression
  • "Just do what you can", Ryūji and Minorin scene is actually pretty nice, considering Ryūji doesn't talk to Minorin a lot
  • Ryūji actually sort of confessed to Minorin, but she told him not to wait for her at the party

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Kannagi - 12

As the episode starts off, Jin sets off to find out more about Nagi being a god. He goes all around town to search for clues. He finds out all the paper files with the information on the God enshrined at Kannagi shrine was burned in a fire years ago. At the same time, Nagi has not gone home, and Jin searches for her in every location he thinks possible.

"I am actually a mahou bishounen, Jin".

Jin, scared to death.

"All men are wolves at this age"!

Jin, depressed that Nagi may not be coming back.
  • Jin wants to find out the truth if Zange or Nagi are gods.
  • Want some crackers?
  • Zange can defend herself quite well.
  • Daitetsu finds Nagi's wand on the roof.
  • Jin falls into a deep depression.
  • Want any dried potatoes?

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