Tears of a broken dream

Get out!

Taiga for student council President!
  • Kitamaru is depressed, decides to stop running for student council president, and dyes his hair blond
  • Sumire might be a cause of Kitamaru's depression (she is tho)
  • Minorin thinks Ami is right that they are immature and different from Ami so they don't exactly understand Kitamaru but is still Kitamaru's last hope
  • Wonder why Minorin is stuttering when she disagrees that Ryūji says she is a kind person
  • Kitamaru runs away from home; thus Ryūji and Taiga spends time with him
  • Taiga feels really hopeless when she saw Kitamaru cry in his sleep (She feels she is close yet far away from Kitamaru)
  • Last of all, reverse psychology (Kitamaru might actually want to be student council president even if he denies it)
  • Taiga for student council president!