Formal attire

They should've at least made them much more different

"Then am I hot, but still cute?" - Kitamaru

Reminds me of Nunnally
  • Taiga and Ryūji dresses up formally for party; it also looks like Ryūji got something for Minorin
  • Kitamaru and the singing by Ami and Taiga both lightened up the seriousness of the drama scene in the end
  • Everyone is cute
  • Ryūji became a "fake" Santa to make Taiga happy, but Taiga says she is already happy and tells Ryūji to go back to the party since her real present for Ryūji is inviting Minorin to the party for him
  • In the end, Taiga realized how much she needed Ryūji (Minorin saw it); then Ryūji got indirectly rejected by Minorin