Santa really exists

Christmas tree

"I'm here, [Kushieda]" - Ryūji
  • Ami compares Ryūji to a father when talking about everyone paring up Kitamaru and Taiga (side note: Ami wants Ryūji to give her another chance)
  • Taiga believes that there will always be someone watching over you even if you don't have or believe anything else like God
  • Taiga went to an all girls Catholic school before; thus the "Santa" gift is for the orphans she used to play with at her old school
  • Taiga also sent out presents to the other side of her family (Yuu side) despite all the hurt she went through; she does it because it is Christmas
  • A baseball broke Taiga's favorite ornament; thus Minorin blamed it all on herself and deepened her depression
  • "Just do what you can", Ryūji and Minorin scene is actually pretty nice, considering Ryūji doesn't talk to Minorin a lot
  • Ryūji actually sort of confessed to Minorin, but she told him not to wait for her at the party