Takumi continues his life as nothing special really happens, until he sees Sena's Di-Sword. He decides to follow her to find out where did she get one only to lose her in the streets. At that moment he finds a chain on the ground leading into a train car. He walks in and sees the chain bound to Sena's legs. Sena starts telling Takumi about the imperfect world. She speaks of the visions given to humans to see, and that humans are electronic devices. Yua on the other hand wants to meet Takumi again and sends him a e-mail saying she will go to his house tomorrow at 5 P.M. Takumi escapes to @cafe the next day but is only caught by Yua, and boy she goes all redundant on him again. Takumi injures Yua in some way and runs away. Later that night a mob of people start chasing Takumi through the streets. He ends up meeting Ayase along the way and she takes him to safety. Ayase has a talk with him about the images they see. She takes her Di-Sword out of another dimension and shows Takumi. After Takumi returns home, he is sent a video of the Group Dive incident. But then he realizes that the person recording it is Shogun because of the sounds of his wheelchair.

"Ohiyo, Seira-tan"

Takumi ignores Kozue on the stairs when she fell.

Sena's cold stare.

Ayase reaches into a different dimension.

Ayase's Di-Sword.
  • Life is pretty much nearly the same for Takumi besides the new student and such.
  • Takumi does not like Gero Frogs.
  • A chain that leads Takumi into a trap.
  • The New Gen events seem to be involved with the GE-rates in Shibuya.
  • All of a sudden people attack Ayase and Takumi.
  • Takumi's vision of Ayase in a swimsuit comes true, delusional powers!