One more kiss~

No more running away; time for change

Technology these days~

Minorin is always so cute~


"I love you" - Ryūji

Headbutt attack~
  • "One more kiss"
  • I'll try my best, "Even if the sky is pitch black, with nothing to see, there will be stars shining somewhere out there. If I keep shining brighter and brighter, I'll definitely look better to people." Stars are always romanticized as the bonds between people.
  • The seniors are pretty cool ;3
  • The answer to the very first quote in the anime would probably be Ryūji's and Taiga's relationship
  • El Fin~
Final thoughts
Although the anime used many cliche ideas like family and stars, it had its own good points like the story, characters, and the relation between both. Sometimes I get frustrated with Ryūji and Taiga because of his indecisiveness and her thoughts of change; I also don't like the fact that the story sometimes continues solely on the fact of the characters' indecisiveness. Despite the flaws, I enjoyed how everyone matured, went through and developed their feelings, and were able to reflect on how they've changed. "That's life and we will all eventually change, too." Ganbatte Minna-san~

Overall, this anime deserves an 8/10.