Oh ho ho~ *I choose you*

Ryūji looks devilishly cute

Taiga's father's first impression does look suspicious

"I don't know if I can do it or not, but I'll try my best" - Taiga
  • The Cultural Festival is a one day event due to some reason (and it is the Student Council President's last major event)
  • Taiga entered the beauty contest and Class 2-C is doing a pro-wrestling skit
  • Taiga's father get introduced and wants to break up with his wife, Yuu, to live with Taiga
  • Ryūji thought it'd be good for Taiga and tries hard to persuade Taiga to get along with her father no matter how horrible he might be
  • In the end, Taiga pitied Ryūji's loss of his father and tried to get along with her father for Ryūji's sake; Ryūji ends up questioning himself if he did a good thing or not
  • Here comes the drama~