Kannagi - 11

The story starts off with Nagi watching anime on TV(quite a strange show too). Nothing special in particular happens. Nagi goes around destroying impurities like usual. Suzushiro-sensei, Zange's father, goes to have a talk with Jin about the rumor of Jin triple-timing his daughter. It turns out to be a misunderstanding. Jin tells Suzushiro-sensei that Nagi is a god. Suzushiro thinks her actions are too vague, and that she might not be a god, but only declaring herself one. The episode ends with Nagi leaving her wand behind in the rain.

An impurity on Jin's head.

Kannagi, visual novel style!

Nagi looking over the town.

Nagi's destroying a impurity, amazing!
  • Jin finally wonders if Nagi is a god or not.
  • Suzushiro-sensei knows quite a lot about the gods.
  • Jin is living a harem life.

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Bounen no Xamdou - Xam'd at the Dawn of War Ep 06

While flying on the ship, Nakiami feels a humanform presence and went on her flying bike thing to go to the humanform. Akiyuki goes along with her and arrives at the spot. He protected Nakiami and Nakiami sets the soul free. Meanwhile Haru and Furuichi tries out for the army and joins. Haru goes home after that and finds Akiyuki's letter in her mailbox. She reads it and tells his parents about it. Then his father discusses with his mother about his past as a military doctor performing experiments on humanforms. Then it is forwarded to the next day, where the Tessik scientist revives the dead humanform in the lab while Haru and Furuichi were testing out the ASP Suits. And surprisingly, their suits were the only one that worked.

And so Furuichi and Haru take the test on controlling the ASAP Suit to join the army.

Haru reads Akiyuki's letter.

Akiyuki's hand becomes a saber, omgosh, I wish my hand can turn into a saber!!!

The humanform weapon is revived and is a bad girl.

The baby looks soo "kawai" lmao, and its so playful.

Haru's serious look.

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Bounen no Xamdou - Xam'd at the Dawn of War Ep 05

And so, Akiyuki writes more letters for Haru and his parents. Nakiami enters a ship of a Tessik she knew a long time ago. The captain and Nakiami discuss events going on and Tessik, and the captain tells her to go back and that she should rightfuly be chief. Meanwhile, Haru and Furuichi are at a dead area where one of the battles had completely obliterated the city. More and more people are dying in the war. They meet up with a old classmate, Shidara. The evil Tessik scientist had infused her with a dead Xam'd blood sample and commander Kakisu was surprised and furious. The scientist let her loose later on and there, Haru and Furuichi met her. She turned into a humanform weapon and the military machines, now known as the ASP suits, kill her. Nakiami returns to the ship afterwards.

Poor teddy bear, lying in the streets. :[ Haru and Furuichi were cleaning up the place when Haru found it.

This thing looks like jello, I wanna eat it. :D

This is how the jello is made. :)

The poor girl is being experimented on by the Tessik scientist whom fused her with the humanform "blood."

Run Furuichi, RUN!!! Who would want a big ugly fish chasing after you?

Poor Shidara got shot by the commander in front of Furuichi's face. :[

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Bounen no Xamdou - Xam'd at the Dawn of War Ep 04

The military got its new machinery, which are these Xam'd looking machines, that is made to kill the human-form weapons. Meanwhile, Akiyuki spends his time in the postal ship knowing more people and meeting Madame who is a fortune teller. Madame tells him that the Xam'd is seeking something. Akiyuki starts wondering while helping the people on the ship. He still finds no answer. He visits Madame again, and she tells him that he is a lost soul and calls him, the Xam'd of the Lost Memory. She gives him a task to search for the answer to the question.

Akiyuki is working real hard.

She is Madame, LOL, big head, little body. :] Midget xD, sorta reminds you of someone eh?

Akiyuki's expression of seeing her. I would be the same if I had saw her face to face. :o

Akiyuki's still working hard stamping those papers. xD

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Kannagi - 10

The group decides to go out to a karaoke bar, and have some fun. Everyone takes turns singing. Tsugumi goes first, and right after that is Daitetsu. He is claimed to be loved by the God of Art. Akiba goes next and sings a anime song. Jin goes next, and he does terrible. Nagi goes next and sings a advertisement song. Takako goes next and sings an anime song as well. But, she also dances to it, and everyone thinks she's good but disgusting. Zange who doesn't want to lose sings too, but does a terrible job at it. But everyone thinks she's cute as well when singing. As they all leave, Jin wonders why Shino didn't sing anything. Takako warns them not to let Shino sing because her eyes will open(woah her eyes will open). Shino decides to sing since they insist.

Tsugumi starts things off.

Daitetsu, loved by the God of Art.

Lucky ☆ Star makes an appearance.

Akiba singing his anime song.

Jin, doing a terrible job at singing.

"A fierce sex appeal".

. . . . .

Takako singing and dancing to her anime song.

. . . . .

"She's good, but disgusting".

Zange looking cute as she sings terribly.

The opening of Shino's eyes.
  • Everyone in this epsidoe gets to show off their singing skills(except Shino).
  • Nagi's song is the best wouldn't you agree? :D
  • Despite disliking Lucky ☆ Star I kind of saw it coming.
  • Jin is still jealous of Daitetsu.
  • I wonder what Shino did to them? Dx

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Kannagi - 9

Ah, this episode is where the rumor of Jin and Daitetsu being a homosexual couple starts. The rumor ends up being on their homepage when Jin finally asks why everyone around him was acting strange. Everyone avoids them, excluding the homosexual Honda from Class 3-C of course. Tsugumi goes and discusses this problem with Zange and they decide to pretend they are Jin's girlfriends to take away the homosexual status. But this only makes everyone think Jin is a bisexual instead.

Tsugumi reading yaoi. /double facepalm


A love letter from Honda to Daitetsu.

Zange explaining her plans.

Tsugumi and Jin back when they were kids.

Tsugumi and Zange fighting over Jin.

The situation thickens.
  • The rumor of Daitetsu and Jin being gay starts off from..... Tsugumi!
  • Tsugumi likes yaoi despite it being perverted(why of course it's perverted).
  • Jin wonders why he is being avoided. Akiba helps him!
  • Honda was quite the flashy guy.
  • Jin is now crowned a bisexual instead.

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Kannagi - 8

One rainy day, Daitetsu goes over to Jin's house due to the fact that he forgot his keys. While staying there, Daitetsu assumes that Jin has fallen in love with Nagi, whom he thinks is his blood related sister. Daitetsu decides to protect Jin from Nagi, whom he thinks is a evil woman. Nagi scares Daitetsu for giving Jin the sacred tree for his model. Daitetsu runs out in the middle of the night to the shrine and begs for forgiveness. Nagi comes out and accepts his apology. The next day, Jin asks where Nagi was last night, but Nagi does not remember what had happened. Tsugumi bumps into Jin and Daitetsu under the stairs, and overhears them talk about something, from what she heard it sounds like a rejection, which it isn't. Afterward they walk in on Daitetsu and Nagi fighting over Jin.

Jin's spirits floats away.

Daitetsu in deep thought.

Daitetsu's vision of Nagi.


Nagi Vs. Daitetsu Round 1!

Nagi suddenly appears!

"Jin wait"!

Nagi Vs. Daitetsu Round 2!
  • Daitetsu is very manly indeed.
  • He is also a deep thinker.
  • His visions go to an extreme. S&M in his case D:
  • Nagi beats Daitetsu to the ground o_O
  • Tsugumi misunderstands what she sees.

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