The episode starts off with winter. Everyone is walking home and see a store with sweet potatoes on sale. Everyone decides to get one. The girls each see different size potatoes and all of them want the largest one but feels embarrassed to take it. Aihara takes it with no hesitation. Moments later, the sound of a "gas leak", is heard. All the girls denies it was them and they find out it was Tsubasa in the end. The next part involves a song they sang about snow. Everyone wonders what kon kon means but yet no one knows. Next is about a lottery. Sato and everyone keeps getting tissues despite telling each others techniques. Aihara who didn't want anything got a fourth place prize while Megumi got the second place prize. The next one involves eating chalk. All the girls trick Sato into eating chalk and in return Sato says Chika's cookies were bad. Chika gets mad and will only forgive Sato if he kisses him which he does. Then after all is good, everyone has a white Christmas.

Aihara takes the largest one.


The power of impassiveness.

Strawberry-flavored chalk!

Sato kisses Chika
  • I would take the largest sweet potato too ^^
  • It's only natural humans release gas.
  • Kon-kon.
  • Now if only they had lotteries like those in the U.S.
  • Wouldn't flavored chalk be awesome?
  • Ryota, that is a man(Kouji).
  • Good job Sato d(^^)b