The story starts off with Nagi watching anime on TV(quite a strange show too). Nothing special in particular happens. Nagi goes around destroying impurities like usual. Suzushiro-sensei, Zange's father, goes to have a talk with Jin about the rumor of Jin triple-timing his daughter. It turns out to be a misunderstanding. Jin tells Suzushiro-sensei that Nagi is a god. Suzushiro thinks her actions are too vague, and that she might not be a god, but only declaring herself one. The episode ends with Nagi leaving her wand behind in the rain.

An impurity on Jin's head.

Kannagi, visual novel style!

Nagi looking over the town.

Nagi's destroying a impurity, amazing!
  • Jin finally wonders if Nagi is a god or not.
  • Suzushiro-sensei knows quite a lot about the gods.
  • Jin is living a harem life.