While flying on the ship, Nakiami feels a humanform presence and went on her flying bike thing to go to the humanform. Akiyuki goes along with her and arrives at the spot. He protected Nakiami and Nakiami sets the soul free. Meanwhile Haru and Furuichi tries out for the army and joins. Haru goes home after that and finds Akiyuki's letter in her mailbox. She reads it and tells his parents about it. Then his father discusses with his mother about his past as a military doctor performing experiments on humanforms. Then it is forwarded to the next day, where the Tessik scientist revives the dead humanform in the lab while Haru and Furuichi were testing out the ASP Suits. And surprisingly, their suits were the only one that worked.

And so Furuichi and Haru take the test on controlling the ASAP Suit to join the army.

Haru reads Akiyuki's letter.

Akiyuki's hand becomes a saber, omgosh, I wish my hand can turn into a saber!!!

The humanform weapon is revived and is a bad girl.

The baby looks soo "kawai" lmao, and its so playful.

Haru's serious look.