This episode shows the superiority of Natsumi over Sato. Sato causes all the boys in his class to lose their pudding. Natsumi dominates everything Sato challenges her with. Finally Sato beats Natsumi at embroidery, which is ironic. Next comes the water gun fight at the park. The boys manages to get the girl went who were walking by, and angers them. They get their water guns and dominate all the boys. Then comes a part in which Aihara and Megumi both share the same interests in anime. Lastly is the episode where the three legged race is being held. Sato is paired up with Yuki and eager to defeat Chika and Kouji. Sato forces Yuki to practice at every given moment, but in the end they still lose(xD).

Natsumi the star~

Natsumi beaten by Sato at embroidery. How ironic.

Water gun showdown.

Never get a girl angry D:

In the end they still lose.
  • Sato is beaten terribly at everything he challenges Natsumi at.
  • Guess Natsumi isn't good at more feminine things.
  • I miss having water gun fights as a kid D:
  • The girls have declared war on the boys.
  • Everyone likes anime and manga! :D
  • Sato forces Natsumi to train at every possible time.
  • In the end they still can't get into sync.