The military got its new machinery, which are these Xam'd looking machines, that is made to kill the human-form weapons. Meanwhile, Akiyuki spends his time in the postal ship knowing more people and meeting Madame who is a fortune teller. Madame tells him that the Xam'd is seeking something. Akiyuki starts wondering while helping the people on the ship. He still finds no answer. He visits Madame again, and she tells him that he is a lost soul and calls him, the Xam'd of the Lost Memory. She gives him a task to search for the answer to the question.

Akiyuki is working real hard.

She is Madame, LOL, big head, little body. :] Midget xD, sorta reminds you of someone eh?

Akiyuki's expression of seeing her. I would be the same if I had saw her face to face. :o

Akiyuki's still working hard stamping those papers. xD