The group decides to go out to a karaoke bar, and have some fun. Everyone takes turns singing. Tsugumi goes first, and right after that is Daitetsu. He is claimed to be loved by the God of Art. Akiba goes next and sings a anime song. Jin goes next, and he does terrible. Nagi goes next and sings a advertisement song. Takako goes next and sings an anime song as well. But, she also dances to it, and everyone thinks she's good but disgusting. Zange who doesn't want to lose sings too, but does a terrible job at it. But everyone thinks she's cute as well when singing. As they all leave, Jin wonders why Shino didn't sing anything. Takako warns them not to let Shino sing because her eyes will open(woah her eyes will open). Shino decides to sing since they insist.

Tsugumi starts things off.

Daitetsu, loved by the God of Art.

Lucky ☆ Star makes an appearance.

Akiba singing his anime song.

Jin, doing a terrible job at singing.

"A fierce sex appeal".

. . . . .

Takako singing and dancing to her anime song.

. . . . .

"She's good, but disgusting".

Zange looking cute as she sings terribly.

The opening of Shino's eyes.
  • Everyone in this epsidoe gets to show off their singing skills(except Shino).
  • Nagi's song is the best wouldn't you agree? :D
  • Despite disliking Lucky ☆ Star I kind of saw it coming.
  • Jin is still jealous of Daitetsu.
  • I wonder what Shino did to them? Dx