And so, Akiyuki writes more letters for Haru and his parents. Nakiami enters a ship of a Tessik she knew a long time ago. The captain and Nakiami discuss events going on and Tessik, and the captain tells her to go back and that she should rightfuly be chief. Meanwhile, Haru and Furuichi are at a dead area where one of the battles had completely obliterated the city. More and more people are dying in the war. They meet up with a old classmate, Shidara. The evil Tessik scientist had infused her with a dead Xam'd blood sample and commander Kakisu was surprised and furious. The scientist let her loose later on and there, Haru and Furuichi met her. She turned into a humanform weapon and the military machines, now known as the ASP suits, kill her. Nakiami returns to the ship afterwards.

Poor teddy bear, lying in the streets. :[ Haru and Furuichi were cleaning up the place when Haru found it.

This thing looks like jello, I wanna eat it. :D

This is how the jello is made. :)

The poor girl is being experimented on by the Tessik scientist whom fused her with the humanform "blood."

Run Furuichi, RUN!!! Who would want a big ugly fish chasing after you?

Poor Shidara got shot by the commander in front of Furuichi's face. :[