The episode starts off with Sato's dream about his past, where he made a promise to marry Chika. Chika breaks a promise and tells everyone a secret she had with Sato. Sato overhears this and thinks she is talking about his proposal. Aihara makes the situation hilarious since she asked a question, "Even now, all this time"?, while referring to something else. Sato answers her and makes Aihara pity him. In the end he finds out, Chika told everyone about how he wet his bed, and not the proposal. Sato gets upset and sulks over this matter, and everyone tries to cheer him up. Chika and Sato make up and life goes on the next day. Aihara gets another loose tooth and attacks Sato. Megumi's breasts are getting more developed. Natsumi wears a skirt. Kouji still shows off with his tricks.

Overall this was a good series, although I still prefer the OVA series over this one. Many of my favorite moments were still in the TV series. This series is definitely worth watching if you're looking for something to laugh at. I, myself, enjoyed this show from beginning to end.



"Even now, all this time"?


Aihara is about to make a face.

The effects are outstanding!

Sato supports Chika while she puts her shoe on.

Classmate gazes in awe at Megumi's breasts.

Natsumi in a skirt? No way!

Kouji, cleaning up after his trick.

Sato being attacked once again by Neko Aihara.
  • Breaking promises can lead to bad things, such as misunderstandings.
  • Who else thinks Aihara is the best character?
  • The constant flashbacks of their promise.
  • Aihara's sure-kill move, her face techniques.
  • Aihara, agile like a cat.
  • Natsumi, amazing change.
  • Megumi, physical change.
  • Chika, emotionally changed.
  • Sato and Kouji, no change.