One rainy day, Daitetsu goes over to Jin's house due to the fact that he forgot his keys. While staying there, Daitetsu assumes that Jin has fallen in love with Nagi, whom he thinks is his blood related sister. Daitetsu decides to protect Jin from Nagi, whom he thinks is a evil woman. Nagi scares Daitetsu for giving Jin the sacred tree for his model. Daitetsu runs out in the middle of the night to the shrine and begs for forgiveness. Nagi comes out and accepts his apology. The next day, Jin asks where Nagi was last night, but Nagi does not remember what had happened. Tsugumi bumps into Jin and Daitetsu under the stairs, and overhears them talk about something, from what she heard it sounds like a rejection, which it isn't. Afterward they walk in on Daitetsu and Nagi fighting over Jin.

Jin's spirits floats away.

Daitetsu in deep thought.

Daitetsu's vision of Nagi.


Nagi Vs. Daitetsu Round 1!

Nagi suddenly appears!

"Jin wait"!

Nagi Vs. Daitetsu Round 2!
  • Daitetsu is very manly indeed.
  • He is also a deep thinker.
  • His visions go to an extreme. S&M in his case D:
  • Nagi beats Daitetsu to the ground o_O
  • Tsugumi misunderstands what she sees.