In this episode, it first starts off with the winter. It has been cold and everyone starts to touch each other with their cold hands. Sato claims it wouldn't affect him, but it does as Aihara puts her hands on Sato's neck. Next is an episode of a rumor. It starts off with wounds can be taken cared of with spit. As it spreads through the classes, the rumors turns to that a kiss can cure any wound. At that moment Sato's eyes were tearing and so he wanted a kiss from Chika, only to be punched. Aihara comes to the rescue and finds a eyelash in Sato's eye and removes it. The punch that had "cured" Sato moves on to the sixth grade. Next comes Aihara's story of a prince, Sato, on a journey to rescue a princess, Chika. He meets trouble along the way such as Natsumi being a wolf, Kouji is a knight, Yuki is a sorceress, and Megumi the spirit. Aihara herself is a Tinkerbell look-a-like. In the end they become a comedic duo, so says Aihara. Lastly Natsumi becomes sad over a story she had heard. It was about a woman who would die as soon as the last leaf of a tree fell off. In front of Natsumi is a tree that had one more leaf left. Everyone tries to get her away, but the leaf falls in the end. Natsumi gets over it at the end.

Sato cannot stand up to Aihara's cold hands.

Sato being beaten by Chika once again.

Sato the prince and Aihara the fairy.

"Look up".
  • I would tinge up from a pair of cold hands as well.
  • Sato always has a bad choice with words.
  • Megumi is a very clumsy fairy.
  • It looked like Chika didn't need to be rescued.
  • Where did those pull up bars come from?
  • Natsumi, very emotional to sad stories.
  • Yuki, oblivious to her surroundings.