Ah, this episode is where the rumor of Jin and Daitetsu being a homosexual couple starts. The rumor ends up being on their homepage when Jin finally asks why everyone around him was acting strange. Everyone avoids them, excluding the homosexual Honda from Class 3-C of course. Tsugumi goes and discusses this problem with Zange and they decide to pretend they are Jin's girlfriends to take away the homosexual status. But this only makes everyone think Jin is a bisexual instead.

Tsugumi reading yaoi. /double facepalm


A love letter from Honda to Daitetsu.

Zange explaining her plans.

Tsugumi and Jin back when they were kids.

Tsugumi and Zange fighting over Jin.

The situation thickens.
  • The rumor of Daitetsu and Jin being gay starts off from..... Tsugumi!
  • Tsugumi likes yaoi despite it being perverted(why of course it's perverted).
  • Jin wonders why he is being avoided. Akiba helps him!
  • Honda was quite the flashy guy.
  • Jin is now crowned a bisexual instead.