This episode starts off with the girls hanging out in the nurse's office. They all start to measure their chest size with measuring tape. Sato, who is sick on the other hand decides to go to the nurse's office, and he is misunderstood for peeping, quite a
few times. Next comes the episode with the duck in the pool. Fearing that it might be lost from it's flock, they call out to it so that it would come out, but nothing would work. Aihara comes by and says Kobayashi. The duck instantly swims over to where Aihara is(Aihara is so awesome). They decide to find it's flock and to send it back with them. The next part deals with hairstyles. One day Aihara comes in with a new hairstyle, cute isn't it? Everyone is amazed that Aihara would change her hairstyle. The next day everyone starts to change hairstyles, from normal to abnormal ones. But the reason for Aihara's hairstyle was that she had a heat rash. In the end Kouji comes in with a Dragonball Z like haircut and is completely ignored. Lastly, this part deals with playing with ice. Chika tells the boys it's pointless but does it herself. She gets her stockings and shoe all wet and blames Sato. Sato decides to give her a piggyback ride home.

Everyone getting revenge on Yuki.


Bad hair day for Sato.

"Aihara, good".

Sato carrying Chika home.
  • Sato has terrible luck to run into them measuring each other.
  • Ducks will respond to Kobayashi.
  • The hairstyles were nice at first, but then it went downhill.
  • Playing with ice is clearly dangerous.
  • Sato experiences karma.