Nagi seems to be very angry in this episode. She ends up hiding in Jun's closet and refuses to come out. Nagi is angry because Jin had recorded over her tape of something she hasn't watched yet. Tsugumi comes over to give Jin food, and ends up lecturing Jin about a woman's sensibility. Zange arrives and tries to do ecchi things with Jin trying to get Nagi to come out. Jin faints from a nosebleed. Takako and Shiko arrives at Jin's house shortly after, and later Daitetsu. And who can forget the renunion of Jin and Akiba(It's a Sony!). Matters are not resolved either way. By night, everyone leaves and Jin apologizes to Nagi, but only to find out he was talking to his closet and Nagi has already left the closet and forgives a very pissed off Jin.

Ooh! Shiny light :D

Jin's unique nosebleed.

Do you play eroges?

Daitetsu, fainted due to contact with a roach.

The love of friends.

"It's a Sony".

Jin was talking to his closet.
  • Nagi can sure throw a tantrum.
  • Nagi is immune to all forms of comforting.
  • Akiba, a self-declared non-anime addict.
  • Jin and Akiba's entrance scene was the best. It made me laugh pretty hard.
  • "It's a Sony". When Blu-Ray is just not enough.