Kuroshitsuji - 03

How easily Sebastian enlightens everyone~

This was never brought up~

Tanaka looks quite cool~

Skulls and even more skulls~

Poor Ciel~

Isn't it cute?


Sebastian, you too?~

Different set of clothing~

Griel's voice matches Sebastian's violion playing~

Blue suits him well~

The very important ring
  • Griel is a total klutz who has been left by Madame Red to be trained by Sebastian; But Griel got a decent voice
  • Ciel's parents died in a fire tragedy three years ago; the mansion that Ciel lives in now is newly restored two years ago
  • Tanaka can be in his real form for at max three minutes; if he goes over three minutes, he returns into his chibi form and slumbers
  • Lady Elizabeth Esel Cordelia Midford, the daughter of the Earl of Scotoni, is Ciel's fiance
  • Ciel can't dance so Sebastian teaches him
  • Ciel puts up a facade in front of Elizabeth even though she broke his ring; later when Ciel is going to bed, Sebastian places the ring back on Ciel's finger
  • The ring that Ciel wears is important to him and is passed down from generations; Ciel wants to throw it away so he doesn't remember the deaths of the family heads, but Sebastian tells him that it is a important memento so Ciel should keep it safe

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Due to the amount of school work that I have, Ga-Rei-Zero is being dropped. Sorry guys.
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Hyakko - 3

Andou Nene the class president is introduced in this episode. Torako becomes a morals officer since she wasn't in class the first day all the work was pushed onto her. Suzu becomes the environmental executive. The setting changes and Torako and Andou go outside for a uniform check. Andou is doing a lot of work for the sake of becoming the Student Council President. Her true objective as the president of the Student Council is to shorten the skirts by 5 cm. The first person that catches their eye is Ushio Makunouchi, a delinquent-like person. Both are too scared to approach Ushio. Ushio shrugs Andou off since she is wearing something not according to the dress code as well. The next person, Kobayashi Koma, offers free vouchers to Andou and she is allowed to pass(she has a x3 face). Minato Ooba arrives next and is allowed to pass by Andou. Andou compliments Chie Suzugasaki as she greets them. Right after Chie, Inori Tsubomiya walks by and smiles and Andou gives her a satisfactory. Touma Kazamatsuri comes next and gives Torako the cold shoulder ans she greets her. Andou calls Touma a tsundere. Suzu arrives a little bit later, in her gym uniform. Suzu explains that she has gym class first and coming to school in her gym uniform would be easier. Andou thinks this is quite nice though. Tatsui and Ayumi gets to school and Andou checks Ayumi's panties. Her eyes become blue polka dots and starts to have a nosebleed. Torako finally asks if she is a lesbian. Andou proudly declares that she is a bi.
Chie is now formally introduced and she likes building robots. Her dream is to work at E-lectra(a famous electronics company, an Elektra reference here) which ends up being Tatsui's dad's company. The next day, Chie makes a mecha Torako to replace her in class and makes Amagasa-sensei furious. Right after that comes mecha Suzume.

Andou Nene

Everyone is afraid of delinquents.

Food vouchers. Good for one year.



Inori Tsubomiya

Both freaked out by Inori.

"However...this is quite..."

Torako looks so cute!

-Evil Plan-

Oh my god! Suzume!


Blue polka dots!

"Hey, nosebleed".

"Could it be that you like girls"?

"I am a bi"!

Bi = Bisexual
[Noun - Verb]
Someone who has sexual attractions for both sexes.

Torako shocked with fear.

"A robot"?

Mr. Happy Robot

Elektra reference.

"Can it fly"? So cute!

Mecha Torako

No need to get so angry!


Mecha Suzume, a very happy Chie, and one depressed Amagasa-sensei.

His emotions explodes!
  • Instead of a lesbian, we have a bisexual!
  • Other supporting characters are introduced here(a little).
  • Money and bribery is everything.
  • Andou really likes her job.
  • True Goal: Make skirts 10 cm shorter.
  • Andou thinks Inori is satisfactory.
  • Torako is quite slow at noticing things.
  • Suzu uses her special common sense.
  • Andou is not embarrassed to flip skirts in public.
  • Andou is quite an open person.
  • The use of CG is attractive.
  • Tatsui's dad is the President of a world known electronics company.
  • Amazing robot for using to cut classes I must say.

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Hyakko - 2

The episode starts off with Tatsui counting the amount of times she is being ignored. Thus being said, the "four" start looking for a club. Everything lent to them was all because of Ayumi's looks. As they check around the club, Torako makes all types of references to people and anime. Tatsui gets provoked by Torako in the baseball club and decides to bat, only to be hit in the butt by the ball. Next is the tennis club and Torako decides to use her Tiger Smash, only to miss the ball and cause a double fault. Torako releases the racket without knowing during her swing and the racket hits Tatsui in the face. Next is basketball. A Kappei Dash reference here. Torako injures Tatsui again. They end up going to a arts club, tea club, and calligraphy club. Last comes the soccer club. Suzu is the goalie and Tatsui has to kick the ball in. Suzu starved is bribed by Torako and just as Tatsui is about the kick the ball, Torako "slips" and trips her over. Suzu faints from hunger as Tatsui chases Torako.

Ignored once.

"The Kage's Four"!

"The Clan of Kage's Four"!

"The Kage's Big Four"!

"The Kagekko Group"!

"Kagekage Four"!

Ayumi ignored once too.


"Reach for Koushien"!


Ouch! D:

Sweet revenge.

Ayumi, the reason things are being lent to them.

Ouch again! Dx

Tatsui's revenge face.

"Dream Team".

"Kappei Dash".

Ball interception.

Me too.

Stomach shot!

Suzu drew ramen :D

What have they done to poor Suzu?

Suzu's hunger face.

Torako slips and trips Tatsui.

Suzu faints from hunger.
  • Tatsui has a hatred of being ignored.
  • Suzume only has food on her mind.
  • Torako loves sports.
  • Ayumi is not good at sports.
  • Tatsui "hates" Torako.
  • Over 100 clubs!
  • Black Magic Club, White Magic Club, Red and Blue Magic Club.
  • The cafeteria is not a club Suzu.
  • Lots of references in this episode.
  • Tatsui starts raging at the fifth time she is ignored.

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