The episode starts off where Jin asks Tsugumi to help him with shopping. Tsugumi finds out later she that she had to shop with Nagi thus making it not a date. Nagi proudly shows off her ten thousand yen. Nagi praises Jin for being so generous. After going into a store, Nagi finds out ten thousand isn't much at all and denounces him. Then comes my favorite part in this episode, the bra scene. Nagi finds a bra that looks nice and cute but only to find it is too big for her. I loved that sound of despair she made. Tsugumi goes all evil about cup sizes too. Nagi buys a D-cup size in the end(it is waaaaaaaaaay too big for her :o). The art club at school goes to a maid cafe later on and some how Nagi and Tsugumi started working there. Tsugumi explains herself in a tsundere manner. Soon the thoughts of incest are brought up. Because Jin said her clothes were indecent, Nagi quit the job, and Zange was employed only to find out Nagi had quit. The manager goes Ryu mode and won't allow Zange to quit.

Tsugumi's "date" ended up being with Nagi.

Ten Thousand Yen!

"Does he expect me to get by with three sets of jerseys"!

-Poke- So much room leftover.

You're so mean Tsugumi D:

AA-Size "I'm being pitied".
Sign says: Even the small size don't have to worry.

"With your body, D would be too small for you".
-Stares at the first year junior student-(about 13 years old).

"Jin. Ohiyo".

"You're fujoshi after all".
"Hey what was that? Was that slang"?
(Fujoshi = female, fujoshi = rotten female = female otaku).

"Nice smile".

The two too pure-pure boys.

Nagi cosplaying as a gal-game character at a maid cafe promoting the game. :o

Tsugumi too! xD

Extremely popular amongst the fans.

"Hey look at me! I even banged my head to get your attention"!


That is the manager's anger transformation. Tough luck Zange-chan.
  • Bra scene is obviously the best scene in this episode.
  • Tsugumi says mean things even though she tells herself not to.
  • Tsugumi fluctuates between a B-cup and C-cup.
  • Nagi is a AA cup, or so I think.
  • Ten thousand yen only looks like it's worth a lot.
  • Don't force yourself to buy a bra that is like 10 times your size.
  • Jin likes female underwear.
  • B and C-cup are average in Japan, I learned something new!
  • Takako is a pervert.
  • Daitetsu is also a too pure-pure boy, not just a hulk of an artist.
  • Tsugumi looks cuter than Nagi when cosplaying.
  • Nagi is quite obeying at times.
  • Jin is a extreme too pure-pure boy.
  • Where does the manager hide all those muscles?