07-Ghost - 01

I like pron~

Friends till death

Handsome guy #1

Handsome guy #2

Handsome guy #3
  • Teito, a sklave (slave) from Raggs Kingdom, has these mysterious dreams about a person clad in white, wearing some type of jewelry; later Teito finds out that dream is the death of his father by Chief Aya-tan (Ayanami), supposedly the main bad guy of the story
  • Mikage and Teito swore their friendship will last forever even upon death
  • The spells they cast are zaiphon
  • And look, three handsome guys at the end
First Impression
I like this kind of plot that will probably not only test himself and his friendship, and transform Teito into someone more powerful than he is now. I hope it keeps me interested.

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Sengoku Basara - 01

Dokuganryū (Date Masamune & Kojurou [l-r])

Gangsta horse riders~

Sanada Yukimura

Omi (Lord Nagamasa & Ichi [not shown])

Aki Province

Shikoku (Chōsokabe Motochika [?])

Mikawa (Tokugawa Ieyasu [?])

Oda Nobunaga

Takeda Shingen (Yukimura, Sasuke, Shingen [l-r])

Bishamonten (Uesugi Kenshin)

Is that a he or she? Of course, a guy~ (Kenshin & Kasuga [l-r])
  • Since this anime is based off a game, Sengoku Basara, there are some familiar characters I see, but I never had a full understanding of the history
  • Many separate kingdoms are warring against each other to rule the lands and then there is the Sixth Devil King, Oda Nobunaga
  • Despite the fact of it being historical and such, it does have its comic moments like the OP
First Impression
I'm keep watching this and will try to cover as much as I can without being drowned in all the facts and history.

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Hayate no Gotoku S2 - 01


Seriously, this race is not for me

Max Hearts~

Surprisingly Nagi lost

  • Nagi's lazy self wants to not participate in the Hakuō Academy Marathon, but Hayate wants to help change Nagi's hatred for excercising; this all accidentally leads to a bet between Klaus and Nagi on "if Hayate will be fired or not"
  • Episode offers a nice recap and overview of the characters in the anime
  • Like always, Hayate's debt is compared to anything with monetary value like the prize of the freestyle marathon worth 150 million yen, the amount of Hayate's debt
  • Hinagiku dedicated ED is love
First Impression
Well there is actually no first impression since it is a continuation of the Season one. I hope they reach the part covering Hayate's past with A-tan.

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Eden of the East - 01

My prince~

Never knew people in DC had such habits

Lol what~

Missile attack on Tokyo
  • A naked guy (Takizawa Akira) with no memories, but only a cellphone and a handgun; on her college graduation trip, a girl (Morimi Saki) who thinks that the White House is the center of the world where little things like worries connect instead of Japan where you feel like you can't do anything (what a cast!)
  • The American dialogue still does sound weird with Japanese accent (I guess that's okay)
  • The existence of a prince brings hope to the future
  • Missile attack in Tokyo (theme of terrorists)
First Impression
Eden of the East comes from the creator of Honey & Clover; that is an absolute win because the art, characters, and story both mix amazingly well together. The main male character reminds me of Shinobu Morita from Honey & Clover. Its creativity will never bore me. Also, I am hoping for some nice music from this anime since Honey & Clover were full of them. I'm looking forward to the next episode.

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Tears to Tiara - 01

O' Morning Star~

Looks somewhat realistic~

Ooh, mysterious ojiisan~

Fateful meeting~
  • After many ages (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Dragons, Giants, and Elves), it is the age of Iron (Humans) now
  • A prophecy states that the demon king will be ressurected within 2 months, but a priest Drwc who were assigned to seal the demon king, Arawn, summoned the demon king with the sacrifice of Riannon, the descendent of the Elf King
  • Knowing someone's true name is control over him or her apparently
First Impression
Although there is a bunch of talking, this is a pretty nice role playing story anime. The OP and ED are both nice. The action looks nice (particularly the one in semi slow mo) even if the story might sound a bit too cliche. I'm looking forward to the next episode since episode one ended in a cliffhanger.

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Asura Cryin' - 01

The Thriller

Ooh, mysterious person~

Ooh, mysterious box~

Even a ghost can be cute~

No, I did not come to your house last night~ *looks away*

Mafia, some guy clad in white, and the Science club president

Asura Machina, arise from the darkness of the shadows
  • Misao (a ghost girl who can change clothes), a dimensional mecha that is part of someone's shadow (?), a "Sunohara" type love geek, a mysterious brother, and four different groups/individuals after this dimensional mecha (Asura Machina)
  • Shuri hands Tomo a mysterious box from his brother; the box turns out to be an Asura Machina
  • At the end, Tomo's goal is shown as that he wants to save some girl (my guess is Misao, his childhood friend, but the whole cast might not have appeared yet)
  • A typical anime is not always complete without its comical moments and a mysterious past
First Impression
I'll try it out. If I like it, I will continue to blog it. Since I haven't seen much of a story yet, I hope it will be nice. Asura Machina is pretty cool, too.

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Valkyria Chronicles - 01

This must be some intricate code (fish bomb?)

Alicia can be cute, too (despite all those tense moments)

Tank looks similar to ones in Metal Slug

Bring out the big guns~
  • History: Darksen, a greedy man took the plentiful lands away from the villagers despite the villager's pleas, but a brave warrior, Valkyria, pierced Darksen's heart and returned the lands to the people
  • Alicia, part of the Bruhl townwatch, misunderstands Welkin Gunther as an Imperial Army spy at first then eventually finds out that he is just a weird brother with a reliable sister, Isara. (He might be the son of General Gunther, hero of Gallia in the First European War)
  • The East European Imperial Alliance and the Atlantic Federation are at war over the mineral, Ragnite; Ragnite is abundant in Gallia thus it is being targeted by the Imperial Army, led by Crown Prince Maximilian
  • The hesitation to shoot humans is shown in two parts: when Susie, also part of the Bruhl townwatch, is afraid being shot by the Imperial Army and when Alicia chases Welkin
  • Does Darksen define name for a general race of people or is it the name of an individual? (because when Alicia first met Isara, Alicia calls Isara a Darksen in terms of a name for a general race of people)
First Impression
The artwork is pretty nice since there is part where it looks like color pencil. Although I never played the game before, episode one is very interesting, makes me want to think about trying out the game. Also love the voice actor for Alicia because she also voiced Yoko from Gurren Lagann. I'm looking forward to the action in the episode two.

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ToraDora - 25 END

One more...one more...one more kiss~

No more running away; time for change

Technology these days~

Minorin is always so cute~


"I love you" - Ryūji

Headbutt attack~
  • "One more...one more...one more kiss"
  • I'll try my best, "Even if the sky is pitch black, with nothing to see, there will be stars shining somewhere out there. If I keep shining brighter and brighter, I'll definitely look better to people." Stars are always romanticized as the bonds between people.
  • The seniors are pretty cool ;3
  • The answer to the very first quote in the anime would probably be Ryūji's and Taiga's relationship
  • El Fin~
Final thoughts
Although the anime used many cliche ideas like family and stars, it had its own good points like the story, characters, and the relation between both. Sometimes I get frustrated with Ryūji and Taiga because of his indecisiveness and her thoughts of change; I also don't like the fact that the story sometimes continues solely on the fact of the characters' indecisiveness. Despite the flaws, I enjoyed how everyone matured, went through and developed their feelings, and were able to reflect on how they've changed. "That's life and we will all eventually change, too." Ganbatte Minna-san~

Overall, this anime deserves an 8/10.

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Hayate no Gotoku - OVA

The unlucky in-debt butler~

Hayate's debt got compared to ten palm trees

Epic winz~

  • Swimsuit fanservice (Hina looks the best ;3)
  • Misunderstandings between Nagi and Hayate causes Nagi to be possessed by an evil spirit who was always jealous of other people in swimsuits at the beach
  • In the end, Hayate saves the day like always

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