O' Morning Star~

Looks somewhat realistic~

Ooh, mysterious ojiisan~

Fateful meeting~
  • After many ages (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Dragons, Giants, and Elves), it is the age of Iron (Humans) now
  • A prophecy states that the demon king will be ressurected within 2 months, but a priest Drwc who were assigned to seal the demon king, Arawn, summoned the demon king with the sacrifice of Riannon, the descendent of the Elf King
  • Knowing someone's true name is control over him or her apparently
First Impression
Although there is a bunch of talking, this is a pretty nice role playing story anime. The OP and ED are both nice. The action looks nice (particularly the one in semi slow mo) even if the story might sound a bit too cliche. I'm looking forward to the next episode since episode one ended in a cliffhanger.