The Thriller

Ooh, mysterious person~

Ooh, mysterious box~

Even a ghost can be cute~

No, I did not come to your house last night~ *looks away*

Mafia, some guy clad in white, and the Science club president

Asura Machina, arise from the darkness of the shadows
  • Misao (a ghost girl who can change clothes), a dimensional mecha that is part of someone's shadow (?), a "Sunohara" type love geek, a mysterious brother, and four different groups/individuals after this dimensional mecha (Asura Machina)
  • Shuri hands Tomo a mysterious box from his brother; the box turns out to be an Asura Machina
  • At the end, Tomo's goal is shown as that he wants to save some girl (my guess is Misao, his childhood friend, but the whole cast might not have appeared yet)
  • A typical anime is not always complete without its comical moments and a mysterious past
First Impression
I'll try it out. If I like it, I will continue to blog it. Since I haven't seen much of a story yet, I hope it will be nice. Asura Machina is pretty cool, too.