My prince~

Never knew people in DC had such habits

Lol what~

Missile attack on Tokyo
  • A naked guy (Takizawa Akira) with no memories, but only a cellphone and a handgun; on her college graduation trip, a girl (Morimi Saki) who thinks that the White House is the center of the world where little things like worries connect instead of Japan where you feel like you can't do anything (what a cast!)
  • The American dialogue still does sound weird with Japanese accent (I guess that's okay)
  • The existence of a prince brings hope to the future
  • Missile attack in Tokyo (theme of terrorists)
First Impression
Eden of the East comes from the creator of Honey & Clover; that is an absolute win because the art, characters, and story both mix amazingly well together. The main male character reminds me of Shinobu Morita from Honey & Clover. Its creativity will never bore me. Also, I am hoping for some nice music from this anime since Honey & Clover were full of them. I'm looking forward to the next episode.