Episode Four: The Devil's Quickening

This episode reveals much of the secrets Kaname hid for a long time. Senri's Uncle whom he'd met in the ball brought him to an unconscious man lying on a tub of blood, which his uncle claim to be his father. He was later awakened and demanded for Senri's power. Meanwhile in Aidou's mansion, Kaname's bodyguard reported that 'they' started moving making Kaname very much disturbed upon hearing it. Yuki started to seek out her real past begins to see weird things (and I mean it :x) which made her decide to investigate more at Vampire Hunter Association for her past records. She accidentally found out that his 'dad' Cross Kaien was once a vampire hunter as well (even though he doesn't looks like one xD). She was just about to turn the pages when the page burst into flames. Zero comforted her entire night after the incident. Next morning, Kaname and his group returned as Yuki was there to greet them, She asked to meet Kaname to discuss something which maybe all about their past. Aidou then took the chance to ask Kaname about his plans and plots. He was then revealed how did his parents died (murdered as he told..). This starts the awakening of the evil Lord whom Kaname was waiting for.

Creepy welcome from Dad. :x

Another weird delusions.

President looks jealous~

"Three vampires exterminated as ordered - Cross Kaien.?"

She's taking actions~!

And she was expecting something else.

Lovely present. xD

Aidou found out the truth behind Kaname's past.

  • Senri got possessed by his former dad. (Soul that can travel?)
  • Yuki starts to see her 'real' past, and maybe her real self.
  • I wonder how Cross Kaien became a Vampire Hunter.
  • Delusions are sure scary thing. (specially the bloody ones~)
  • The Association President shows some mysterious bonding towards Zero.
  • Kaname now confess what really had happened to his 'parents'.
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