The first part of this episode focuses on the kids wishing for the typhoon to hit. They start preparing to stay over at the school, but in the end it was all for naught as the typhoon goes away. Next comes the Yuki's new clothes. Due to the change of weather, Yuki has dressed a lot more warmly, while Sato and Tsubasa are still in T-shirts, not to mention that Kouji got sick. Yuki shows off her new dress to everyone including Sat(Ohoho). Next everyone goes out to play and Aihara becomes sleepy. Sato carries her home on his back while walking with Chika and hears Aihara mentioning Sato's name in her dreams while saying "suki", or I love, but it turns out to be a misunderstanding. Lastly Yuki, Megumi, Sato, and Kouji are in one group in home economics class. Everyone does not know how to cook and panics, but Yuki comes to "save the day". She cooks up something that looks terrifying and inedible. But Kouji, acting like a man, eats all of it and says it's delicious. Sato believes him and takes a sip of her "miso soup", and collapses(Kouji, you are the man!)

Everyone telling the typhoon to come back.

Yuki, hoping Sato will notice her dress *_*

O_O ´ -_-

Aihara's face when waking up!! :D So cute~

"It was delicious. Yuki, you can definitely become a good wife". d(^o^)
  • Everyone wanted to stay over at school.
  • Yuki never understood what Sato said at the end.
  • Aihara wonders what would happen if Sato became skin headed.
  • Aihara even wanted to finish that dream.
  • Yuki has a imaginative mind when it comes to cooking.
  • Kouji is the man.