Magic ornament to destroy Index's memories~

Learning about "our" memories~

"Where else haven't I touched?!" *blushes*

Prepare to be eliminated~
  • Kamijō tries to use the power of science to find another way to save Index's life, but he couldn't do anything as the clock strikes midnight
  • Kanzaki saw Kamijō crying so she decided to sympathize him and persuaded Stiyl to give him ten more minutes
  • Human's brain can store 140 years worth of memories [That's a lot~ xD]
  • "Basically, no matter how much knowledge you force into the brain, it won't create so much pressure that the brain blows open" - Komoe-sensei; With that, Kamijō concludes that Index isn't in a life threatening situation, that the Church made it a life threatening situation so Index won't betray them, and the Church did that to make Index's friends, Stiyl and Kanzaki, to obey them
  • Kamijō tries to use his right hand but he end up activing Index's self protection system